1You and me will run away

We'll sing our own song

Dance our own dance

We'll fly with the birds

Sing what they sing

For you and I, It'll only be a fling.

We'll dig the rhythm

And groove to the rhyme

We'll dance in the streets

And scream out our names

You and me, we'll have no shame

We've mastered this game

Played it all our lives

We know what to do

We know how to jive

We'll wow the masses with our noise

Make them all scream out in joy

They'll love us you see

Since we know how to move

We'll burst out in song

And see what they do

But you know that they'll dance

And sing with us too

Cause we're good like that

We're the very best.

We'll wow that damned crowd

And shut out all the rest.

You and me, we just gotta get goin'.

Leave this damned place

And let them see what we've been doin'

Cause you know we're the best,

We're always number one

And you know what, everything'll be so sweet!

Cause you and I, well we can dance to the beat.