A fine doll


Her smooth face

Her scarlet cheeks

Her red lips

Her twinkling eyes

Her dark black hair

Perfect fingers

And toes kept in shoes

Her dress in shade

Of purple

She stands still in a glass box

As he stares at her lovingly


That's all he could say

A smile that never fades

She feels happy

Holding her gently

She could feel his touch


Against her lifeless body

And yet a beat could be heard

Her heart pounds

She felt so loved


She missed it too much


She laid with his childhood memories

Broken and ugly

Her face with scars

Her cheeks pale

Her lips dry

Her eyes dull

Her fingers and toes

Covered with dust

Without a smile but with tears

Though she could still see him

She could hear him laugh

Not for her

He is happier

Not with her

But for the girl

Who once left him

The reason why he bought her

To replace the loss

Now the girl has returned

She was left


Her beauty


Her heart