Caught up in rain

It was falling hard and cold

They didn't know

Unprepared they went

But every raindrop doesn't matter

She knows she's not alone

He was right next to her

Holding her hand real tight

They walked under the rain

Almost all night

It didn't stop just got worse

But she'll be alright

She's got everything and him

He took out a clean cloth

Wiped a few drops from her face

Their eyes locked

She saw sparks

Right there in his dark eyes

Saw his soul with no lies

He smiled gently

Gave her a quick turn then dip

Smooth and slow

Next thing she knows

She's lying in green grass

With dew drops like dawn

Covered with sun adoring flowers

He gave her a quick yet mouthful kiss

She responded and the rest was bliss

Every time his lips touch her skin

She felt a burning mark

Sinking deep

So close

Hard to breathe

Losing air


He led the way

She tried to control

Like a sin every kiss tempted her

Both craving for more

Yet she didn't give in…


Pretending to be contented

But still he's wanting

Her clothes damped

Or not but drenched

So he just had to take it off

And so was his

Now the rain has stopped

Both dried and in bed

Asleep with nothing but the

Lamp burning red

In his arms she lay

She knows she's safe

Even in dreams

She could taste his kiss

Nothing more she could ask than this

Sun came up

Light upon her face

It seemed just like yesterday

Now his gone

Confused why he can't stay

But one thing she knows

He is slipping away