Throwback Thoughts...

It was raining that day at four

Kinda like the weather was running me through

with a double-edged sword

But I wouldn't have cared

Moreover, I'd've rejoiced

Seeing as I could finally be where I belonged

With you here in the cold ground

You're probably still thinking of me

If you even still have memory

For all the images I see

Bring you running back to me

And with a jolt you're back in my arms

But illusion is an enemy

Especially when you are missing somebody;

You see them in the crowds,

A cruel trick devised by your mind

And that's all you need to be seen running

after a stranger in the hopes of finding what you've lost

People all look the same in a crowd

They don't hear you when you call their name out loud

Once you start running, doubts start to form

Until you push them away-cause you know this time,

it's gonna be for sure

But it never is

So alone you sit on your porch swing

Letting the breeze lull you into false slumber

Imagining a hand soft across your cheek

You open your eyes, and you're still alone

This is how it is when you lose somebody you love

They haunt your waking hours and cloud your dreams

But you are never really sure of what you know

you knew at the beginning of it all

And doubts emerge--you can't be crazy-

-you're just missing them.....