Storm On The Island

The storm comes upon us from the abyss,

Obliterating all in its path. Inky clouds roll,

Dark falls, obscuring the earth,

Twisting it into a hellish hole full

Of foreboding shadows, bleak twilight.

The rain begins to spit and hammer,

A mounting laments that grows;

Grows into a chorus of misery

The darkness closes in like the slam

Of our coffin lid, signalling the end;

The end of all hope, the end of all possibility.

It descends, the stain of ebony and ash,

Submerging the land in its wake. Lightning,

For a instant, ignites the dark island

Bringing light to us, who cower and wait

For the tempest to appease its charge on our island.

The squall caterwauls outside our stout shelters

Striving to bring us down, tear us to pieces,

Separate us from all we know, obliterate us,

Unmake us, consume us.

Apologies for the title, I wrote this in English at school, we had to write a poem inspired by 'Storm On The Island' by Seamus Heaney (an irish poet if any of you don't know) and I liked what I had written. Ideas for a different title and reviews are both extremely welcome