Ok, I'm sorry for the stupid speach thing that I made the Eisheensu have. It can be difficult to write, so if there is some problems with consistency, I'm sorry. Also I'm bad at keeping my tenses consistent, please just work with it.

Marthuna's POV

Once again that husband of mine ees breeneeng theengs home for us 'seesters' to decide what to do weeth. I don't like haveeng to decide the fate of sometheeng. Eet doesn't seem right. Eesn't that for Drayoa to decide? He really seems to like thees girl though, I can't help but like her as well. At least eet's human thees time, unlike a few years ago when the hunteeng party keelled a couple of Bu'yaks leaveeng an orphaned youngleeng that he wanted us to take care of. I don't know where he gets these ideas!

"But where deed she come from?" Extha, leader of the 2nd tribe and highest sister asked. "People cannot just appear out of nowhere."

"She deedn't just 'appear,' she… fell… from nowhere," Alectrov replied causeeng Extha to throw he hands up een frustration.

"You can't just fall out of nowhere either, there has to be a stareeing point."

"She claims to be from a place called 'Cloverdale' on 'Earth'," my husband explained. "She says eet ees a deeferent planet."

"Nonsense, there ees no other planet weeth life on eet. Drayoa would only have reason to put life on one planet," Extha argued, dismissing the idea at once.

That's right Extha," Inethu, Eishine of the 7th, Artameil and my tribe, cut een. Drayoa would not have reason to create life elsewhere, but there are other forces out there. They have created other dimensions to call their own." When deed the Eishines get here?

"I a sorry Eishine Inethu, but other dimensions are just stories that we tell to our children. They have no seegneefeegance," Extha reasoned.

"Maybe, maybe not. We cannot be certain either way, but eef what the girl says ees true and she ees from a deeferent dimension, who knows what well come of eet. Also, who are we to judge another god's people? Maybe she seems weird to us, but has anyone thought of that we must seem like to her?" Inethu continued.

"Eef eet ees true what she has said, then by all means, thees must be extremely odd for her, but Driezon has heard the same legends as we have. Thees could just be an elaborate plan to have a spy situated here," Extha countered, obviously trying to deesmeess that wheech the Eishine has said while steell showeeng the respect due to the eldest member of our people and the highest Eishine. Artameil and Alectrov share an uneasy glance. What haven't they told us?

While rubbing his neck een the way he always does when he knows he has to say sometheeng that he doesn't want to Artameil asked rather skeeteeshly "deed we forget to mention that she ees a mage?" And he left her alone with our children?

The comment was met weeth an outburst from all of the seesters and most of the Eishines een the room. "That solves eet, the girl must be workeeng for Driezon." Extha stated matter-of-factly.

"Not nesseesareely. Do you not theenk that there might, posseebly be mages een deeferent dimensions, or even just one that eesn't known to our people?" Inethu reasoned.

Quick to come back to the girls defence, Artameil said "I don't theenk that she knew that she had powers." At the bewildered looks from the people around he went on to explain "she was eemedeatly attacked by a pack of catamounts when she appeared. Eet took an amazeengly long time for her to use her powers to get out of the seetuation. I highly doubt that even eef she ees workeeng for Driezon that she would be so dedeecated to the meesion as to allow herself to become catamount food."

"Eef what Artameil says ees true and the girl ees a mage eet ees highly unlikely that she wouldn't use her powers to defend herself eef she knew she had them. Even eef she ees workeeng for Drieson she would have used them while seemeengly alone. A useless spy ees better than a dead one, no?" I reasoned.

Extha sighed. "Maybe we should get the girl een ere for thees… To hear her side. What ees her name?"

"Dan'eeka" Artamiel supplied.

Danika's POV

We looked up from our game at a scratch on the tent door. Apparently that is the equivalent of knocking for a man of about 20 entered at Grue's response. The man looked directly at me and said "I am sorry to eenterupt… whatever you are doeeng," clearly confused "but I was sent to retrieve you for questioneeng."

"But I just got good at thees," Grue complained.

I smiled at him and said, "well, if worse comes to worse the two of you can keep the cards and continue playing without me"

"Ok. Be careful Manden, she bites," Peadre warned with a smile on his face while Grue laughed and I attempted a growl, badly to say the least. The guy, Manden had looked a little worried at first, but relaxed at the easy manner Peadre and Grue had around me. "Do you know where Shashu'ka ees?"

Manden shrugged and, with a slight scowl on his face suggested that she may be around the 8th tribe with someone called Kattar before holding the tent flap pen for me to exit then lead me back to the middle of the camp, cluster, thing.

After walking for a few seconds in silence he glanced at me, but said nothing, quickly looking away again. After the third of fourth time he did this I asked him, rather bluntly, what he wanted.

He had the decency to blush at his being caught at least. "N-notheeng, I mean, not notheeng, eet's just… Uhh-"

I cut his ramblings off there. "Fine, how about why are you so uncomfortable around me? I don't really bite you know… Usually," I said with a grin.

"No. Eet's just… Are you really a mage?"

I rolled my eyes. "Not that again," I mumble.

"Eet's just that you could be dangerous, eef you wanted-"

"And if I knew how."

"Also I've never thought of a girl beeeng a mage before."

"Oh! And I've stumbled into a sexist world too! Great, that's just great."

"What? No! We're t, you didn't. Eet's just that Driezon has never sent a female mage before. Warriors, but not mages."

"Of course, Driezon. He's the bad guy, right? The one I supposedly work for?"

If it was possible, Manden looked even more uncomfortable. "Yes, he ees a bad man. You don't work for him though… Right?"

"Of course not" I exclaim exasperated. "And why does everyone keep saying he is a 'bad man'? Could you elaborate, even a little bit?"

"I'm sorry, but I cannot. I'm sure the counseel can answer all of your questions." Manden said, looking sincerely sorry before holding open another tent flap. This was it. Deep breath, right?

Apon entering the tent I saw nothing. After my eyes adjusted to the dimmer light I saw a bunch of women and fewer men sitting on benches in a circle. The tent was quite smoke filled due to the eelluminating central fire.

"Hi," I say with a slight wave, trying to sound cheerful, despite the situation. Unfortunately it just caused them to exchange strange glances. Ok, not the best first impression I've ever had.

I saw Artameil sitting off to one side with one of the other hunters form before, but thought it best not to say anything.

"You have been called een front of the counceel of seesters for your trial." Extha said, addressing me with a completely businesslike attitude. Trial. Great, that makes me sound automatically guilty. "Are you or are you not a spy for Driezon?" Extha continues. "Not. I'm still not sure who Driezon is, besides a 'bad man'. Even if I was a spy for him, why would I admit it?" Stupid, stupid, stupid! That has to be the stupidest thing have ever said.

Extha got a fairly smug look on her face as the tent erupted with whispers. "You're right. Your word ees meaneengless. Asking ees just part of a certain protocol. You are a mage also, do I understand that correctly?"

"That's what I'm told." Ok, I'm a little grumpy now, but who wouldn't be after, basically, sealing their doom.

"Then you plead guilty to working with Driezon."

Huh? I panic. "What? No! I-"

"Extha, I don't think that that's fair. We have already discussed that there could be other mages unknown to us and to Driezon," Artameil's wife interjected.

Extha looks at Artameil's wife for a long moment before sighing. "Given the certain lack of actual evidence either way we must do what is in favour of the safety of our people, but still give her a chance on her own. All in favour to send her away…"

Before anyone could speak a man stepped forward. He was the oldest person I had seen in this place yet. I was kinda figuring that they would die before they could get that old. "I will take her een," the man said.

"What do you mean?" Extha asked, looking oddly worried. I got the feeling that she didn't want me here.

"I well take responseebeeleety for her. Eef she ees from a deefferent dimension she ees a guest here, a guest of Drayoa. Eet would not be good manners to send her away. Drayoa has been heenteeng at all of the Eishines that sometheeng was comeeng for us. Eef this girl ees eet, we shouldn't send her away." All of the other Eishines were nodding to the last comment. I'm their goddess' guest? When did that happen. I wish I had gotten an invitation or something. I'm not going to complain though. I really hope he isn't some creeper or something who I shouldn't be living with, let alone going to owe my life to. One can only hope for the best.

"Inethu, you are our wisest Eishine. Eef you theenk that Drayoa would like us to keep her here, I weell not be the one to refuse. But keep an eye on her. She ees your responseebeeleety." Extha reluctantly agreed.

"Good, eet ees settled then. Come on Dan'eeka" the Eishine, Inethu said. What could I do but follow him into whatever future lay before me now.