Where to Turn?

Who am I?
Sitting all alone,
I wish upon a star
I wish that I were far away,
Free from this, my pain

But as I dream, and wish away,
I fear as though it has no truth
This, my life is not a tale,
No hansom prince awaits

Rather my life is a cold dark hole
In which my hate invades
Further inside my hell
I scream but no one hears
I'm caught inside my prison, drowning in my tears

I can't run, no place to hide
It's time to face the rain

My captor sits in silence,
She waits until I break
I'm on my own this time
No one to save me now
I must face what is my truth

I see her standing there,
Feeding on my fears
She laughs and drains the life
From each one of my cold tears

Nothing left to do,
No place left to hide
Stand up and take it, uphold my pride
Can't let her know I'm hurt
Can't show her that I care

I can't fight it anymore,
I fall, weeping and defeated

My battle scars are many,
My blood runs red with rage
This humiliation is to much to take,
I burry my head in shame

My hole is getting deeper,
I'm burying myself alive

I look to the face of my captor,
Her lips curl with hate
I meet her eyes, they're sad and cold
She trusts no one, for she has been betrayed

I've known it all along,
I was just to blind to see
These frightened eyes belong to me