Why must I long for what I can not have?

I'm doting, hoping, wishing, dreaming

For that one person who will care enough

To try and comfort me when screaming

Everyday I have that urge to say the words

And tell you exactly how I'm feeling

But you're not listening,

not reading all my subtle signals,

I'm feeling like you've beaten me into submission

Without acknowledging that you raised your fist

You've become the master of everything I am

Yet I can not tell you, because I can't have you

You own me but I'll never hold a chain over you

You're the one that beat me down,

And chained me like a dog

You're the one that makes me fumble,

Drop the ball, faze out, and no longer be able to play

I can't stand the way you've worked my mind

Yet I adore you and worship you

Please, unleash me or at least let me unleash upon you

Every little feeling that you've lashed onto me

But what I hate the most about it is the fact I love it.

I love being your pet,

If only you wouldn't starve me!