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By the beginning of April the filming season was almost finished and I had completed the arrangement of a cruise vacation with five of my best friends. Madison, Aimee, Roxanne, Grace, Kelsie, and I would be leaving on April 18th. From California we would fly directly to Miami where we would stay for two days before boarding the cruise ship. The cruise would last for eight days and then we would return to Miami for two more days before flying home. We would be staying at the nicest hotel and the cruise ship was known for its splendor. The best part was that Jake was paying for the whole thing, so the only extra money I would need to bring would be for any shopping I wanted to do.

The Friday before the 18th Madison, Aimee, and I finished up our last day of filming. That night Aimee planned to spend with Madison and me but when Jake called and told me that he was going to New York for a while and he was leaving early the next morning, I apologized to my friends and chose to go out with Jake that night. They assured me that they understood and considering that we'd be spending the next week and half together, they didn't seem too disappointed. So, I dressed casually and ran down the beach to Jake's house. He was waiting for me on the back patio.

"Hey beautiful!" Jake greeted me with a hug as I arrived at the top of the steps. "I'm glad you came."

"Well, I couldn't let you leave without saying goodbye!" I smiled. "Why are you going to New York anyway?"

"It's a family thing." Jake explained. "Since my parents have split up, my mom's taken all the kids to New York for her new job in designing, while my dad's stayed here. I don't get to see my mom or my sisters much though, so I'm going to visit them for the summer."

"Well, I hope you have fun with them." I hadn't met anyone from Jake's family yet, but he always told me that they wanted to meet me. Maybe one day he'd take me to New York to meet his mom and siblings. "My friends are coming tomorrow. Everyone's so excited for our cruise." I followed Jake through his house and out front to the driveway where his car was waiting for us. "I still can't believe that you're paying for a vacation for me and my friends. I want to like feel guilty or something, but I'm too excited to care about that!"

"Don't feel guilty, Callie," Jake opened the car door for me and then hurried around to the driver's side. "It's a gift for you. And I don't want you to feel guilty because I want you to be able to enjoy yourself with your friends."

"Don't worry, I'll enjoy myself." I assured him. "I just wish that you weren't going to be gone for so long!"

He leaned over to kiss me before starting the car and backing out of his driveway. "Don't worry, we'll keep in touch. When you come back from the cruise, I'll call you every day and I'll email you more than that!"

"You better!" I teased as he sped out of the neighborhood towards the movie theater.

The next day my Seattle friends were coming down to LA for a shopping spree. None of them felt that they had good enough clothes for a vacation with my actress friends and I agreed to help them out. Madison and Aimee insisted on coming with me to pick up the girls at the airport from their morning flight arrival and then to the mall for shopping immediately afterward. We had to leave for Miami the next day and so this would be our only chance to shop.

Aimee parked her Mercedes SUV by the curb outside of the baggage claim and I hurried inside to locate my friends. I spotted the three of them gathering their luggage off the carousal.

"Callie!" Grace saw me first and she immediately dropped her suitcase and ran to me. We squealed as we squeezed each other in a tight hug before making our way back to the other two. While Grace retrieved her last suitcase, I greeted Roxanne and Kelsie with hugs and air kisses.

"I'm so glad you guys could get off school!" I took two bags and led the girls back out to the car.

"Well, we have spring break this week anyway, so we'll only be missing a couple days!" Roxanne explained.

Aimee and Madison were waiting outside the car to be introduced. My Seattle friends acted a little shy at first, obviously in awe of the famous celebrities, but Madison and Aimee were as nice as could be and I could tell that the six of us wouldn't have any problems during the trip.

From the airport Aimee drove us to the most famous LA mall. We stopped at an IHOP along the way for breakfast and to plan out our shopping strategy for the day.

"Okay, so I'm assuming that you three need pretty much everything, right?" I asked my friends as I sipped my hot chocolate. They nodded eagerly. "So that would include swimsuits, tank tops, cute dresses, as well as a few nicer dresses for evening dinners..."

Madison cut in, "Well, we all seem to be about the same size, so I would imagine that you three would be able to fit into some of our clothes at home well enough." She smiled. "Callie and I have tons of dresses!"

"Still, let's make sure they have everything that they want before we go home!" Aimee grinned. I smiled at my two celebrity friends, realizing that they planned on helping me pay for my friends' new wardrobes. "It's a vacation after all!"

"And not just any vacation, it's a Caribbean cruise, all expenses paid!" Madison giggled. "Hmm...I wish my boyfriend would pay for vacations for me and my friends."

"Shut up!" I blushed. "Jake just wants to make sure that I can stay in touch with my friends from home!"

"Well, whatever his reason, I'm just glad he did it!" Kelsie laughed. We all laughed and toasted our orange juice glasses to Jake.

After breakfast we continued to the mall where we spent the entire day shopping. By dinner, each of us had spent well over a thousand dollars on various clothes and accessories. We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant before going back to mine and Madison's house to begin the packing for our trip. We all went to bed fairly early so we wouldn't be tired for our early flight the next morning. Aimee shared Madison's room, Roxanne shared mine, and Kelsie and Grace shared the guest bedroom.