Green lawn front

A tree, or maybe two

Daddy's off at work

Toiling mindlessly in the dream

All day long, Mommy's in the kitchen

Broom in one hand, spoon in the other

Apron tied around her waist

Outside she sees two more Negroes

Turned away

The bottle of hope provided by Levitt,

She fingers longingly on the counter

Wash away the loss of the check

She's replaced it with the euphoric

Sanguine dream of conformity


Another house went up

It looks just the same

Another building in the city fell

Those homeless replaced

Are there jobs for them?

Those who seem and appear a different species

Not even human

They get shut up in the drab

Rundowns of the dream

Crying out in dirges for some aid

But the grass is green

In front of the home

Just like "everyone" else's

Day in…day out

Living in a cheerful wonderland

Where pain is the only joy.