By: Robert Jimenez

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It was the summer between our junior and senior years of high school and were so excited. My friend Gene and I had finally saved enough from caddying to afford a bus ticket to Miami. This would be our first unsupervised trip away from home and we were almost giddy.

Gene's brother Don had moved to Miami as soon as he graduated to live the playboy life. He got an apartment and a job as a cabana boy at one of the ritzy Miami Beach hotels. His life sounded like a constant party of sex and booze.

The bus trip seemed short, even though it was 13 hours. When the bus finally stopped in the Miami terminal we jostled our way toward the door pushing past people.

The hot humid air of mid-summer Miami wrapped us like a blanket the minute we stepped out the door. We didn't care, we were in Miami and were gonna live the life of playboys. Don told us there would be plenty of odd jobs we could pick up and we planned to stay the whole summer before returning home for school.

Don was waiting for us as planned wearing a dark tan, a huge white grin, faded blue jean cut-offs draped low on his waist and flip flops. He was leaning on a faded, rusty Ford convertible. It looked like a Rolls Royce to Gene and I.

"Welcome to Miami kids. It's a little hot today." Don grinned widely, his white teeth contrasting with his dark tan. "Throw your shit in back and hop in. My apartment is just 15 minutes from here." Don gave Gene a big hug and slapped me on the back.

The breeze felt good as we tooled along with the top down. Gene and I had unbuttoned our shirts and let them flap in the wind. The wind hissed through our hair and the scent of flowers filled the air. It was heaven and we were smack in the middle of it.

We pulled down a side street off of Biscayne Blvd. and turned into a parking lot next to some apartment buildings. You could see Biscayne Bay through the palms sparkling blue and twinkling a welcome to us.

"This is home kids." Don said leading the way up the wooden stairs to the second floor.

The white paint was chipping in places and the whole building could have used a coat of paint but it was home now. He reached the screen door to his apartment and held it open as we struggled through with our bags.

"Joe must be in the kitchen, I smell something cookin'. Joe, hey Joe, come meet my brother and his friend. "

Don turned his head to Gene "I met Joe at the hotel, he's a cabana boy too so we decided to bunk up. He's also Italian and a great cook".

The apartment was filled with the smell of something delicious cooking. Joe came out of the kitchen wiping his hands on a towel.

"Hi kids, Joe Polumbo's my name" and he stuck out his hand.


Hi Joe, I'm Gene and this is my buddy Mark. Thanks for letting us stay with you guys for a while."

"Hey, no problem"

Joe only had cutoffs on and was as tan as Don. Streams of sweat rolled down lean body. He was smallish and thin with a nice build, like a swimmer's.

"Get out of those northerner clothes and into somethin' more tropical like naked. " I gave Gene a nervous glance. Joe started laughing "I'm kiddin' just crawl into some cut-offs. Get cool."

"You guys can use my room," Don pointed at a door "I'll sleep on the floor in Joe's room as long as he doesn't keep me up all night fucking some sweetie." Joe laughed knowing very well he probably would.

Gene and I threw our bags into the bedroom and quickly got into cut-offs. It felt good to get out of our bus clothes.

I've known Gene since grade school and watched him go through puberty a little later than the rest of the guys. I really hadn't seen much of Gene naked and kept snatching a peek while he stripped. He still looked like he was on the puberty track, thin build, not much hair anywhere. When I tried to catch a look at his dick he turned away from me to step into his clean jockeys. I quickly changed and we came back into the kitchen.

"What the fuck's sticken up over your cut-offs? That's not undies is it ladies? Only teeny kiddies wear undies. You're not teeny kiddies are you?" Don snapped the elastic on Gene's jockeys.

I didn't wear any but went back to the room with Gene to change. He got rid of the underwear in a hurry. I got a quick glimpse of his dick this time. My face got all flushed.

"Ok, first we gotta chip in for a bottle of rum and some stuff to make dinner with".

"How much do you need?" I was fishing my money out of my pocket. A rum drink was dancing a tango in my head.

"Ten each should do it. How about your famous pasta tonight Joe?" Don said collecting the money.

"Ok but I'm gonna cook early. I have a hot one tonight." Joe took the money and drove off to the store.

"C'mon, I'll introduce you to some of my neighbors." Don led us out the front door and down the outside walkway.

"Hey Dawn, you slut, you in there?"

"You know how the door works asshole." a girlish voice giggled.

"These kids are my guests. This is Gene my brother and his buddy Mark. They have big cocks so you girls take care of them while there here ok?" Gene was laughing and blushing. I just stared at the floor too embarrassed to look up. If we ever did hook up with these girls they'd find out our huge cock were just the opposite, regular high school junior size cocks.

Dawn looked great. Red hair down to her shoulders, nice tan body with only a halter top and cut offs to mar the view.

"You guys are cute. Don't let your asshole brother fuck things up for you. If he gives you any trouble just come see me. I'll fix him" her teeth sparkled surrounded by freckled cheeks.

Don repeated the scene up and down the hallway. All the girls were really friendly. I knew we were gonna have a good time.

Joe returned from the store and quickly mixed up some rum and orange juices for us all. He made them plenty strong, the first sip made me wince.

"Whatsa matter, too strong? This'll put some hair on your balls." Joe held his glass up in a toast, "to good pussy".

Gene and I eagerly toasted to that. I felt sure these guys would help get us laid. We all took another much smoother sip.

Joe quickly whipped up some delicious pasta with clam sauce. We gobbled it down since it was the first food since lunch on the bus.

"Let's just hang out here tonight guys. You can get some rest and even toss a line in the bay if you want. Joe's going out with another hot number to get shot down ." Don pointed a finger at Joe and laughed.

Joe flipped him the bird.

I really liked Joe. He treated us like old friends and there was something about his laugh that just made me feel good. He had classic Italian good looks, long dark curly hair, deep brown eyes and a way about him that made you feel important to him. He was real chatty and was always asking questions about school, girls, family and all. He made me feel like his buddy.

Joe washed up a bit and sprayed some deodorant on. He changed his shirt but wore the same cut offs.

Don, Gene and I just hung around the apartment. I loved it, the air smelled sweet with flowers and the heady experience of being a playboy was too cool. After a couple more rum and orange juices we were giggling like fools.

Gene and I took a couple fishing poles down to the bay laughing at everything we saw.

"Can you believe where here?" Gene grinned waving his hand across the bay's panorama.

We sat down and dropped a line in. As luck would have it i caught some fish that looked like a black jack. I was afraid to take it off the hook. We started laughing, Gene and I cut the line an threw the poor unlucky fish back in.

We went back to the apartment and Don was gone so we just hung out and had a few more rums. After about an hour Don showed up with a bag full of beer that he said one of the girls donated it to the "kids".

Gene and Don were always fun to talk philosophy with and we just traded thoughts about how to solve the world's problems. Around midnight or so Gene got tired and excused himself,

"I think I'll hit the sack too"

I just sat on the porch enjoying the warm air, my head buzzed with booze high on the idea we were on our own.

To get to the bathroom you had to pass Joe's room. I had to get rid of some old beer and quietly padded down the hall. I looked into Joe's bedroom and saw Don stretched out on the floor on his back naked laying on a quilt. His dick looked mighty large from the door. Seeing him naked reminded me how good he looked leaning on the car at the bus terminal. The funny feeling I got didn't surprise me. I was never shy about telling a good looking guy at school that he was really good looking. It seemed natural to me to feel funny when I saw one of the cute guys.

I kinda drifted off enjoying the breeze when I heard Joe returning to the apartment from his date. I could tell he was unhappy. From the minute he walked into the door he complained about the girl.

"She was a bitch. God I hate her. We made out all night and all I got was blue balls. I tried all night to fuck her and she wouldn't put out. Fuck"

Joe was pissed and seemingly in pain. Joe grabbed a beer and slumped down hard on the floor.

"I was so horny and she teased me all night. I thought for sure I'd get some pussy. Dammit! Women like her are dangerous to guys. She coulda done permanent damage to me" Joe was gently rubbing his crotch.

I just listened to him complain feeling kinda bad for him. I figured he was in pain.

Then Joe did something that surprised me, he undid the button on his cut-offs and unzipped revealing his cock and balls.

"Take a look, they look blue don't they?" he pleaded holding his dick out of the way

I looked quickly "uh, yeah, I guess". I was completely surprised

I really liked Joe and didn't mind him showing me his "blue balls". I felt like I was helping him out. I figured that's what buds did.

"Look at these balls, they're blue!" Joe was still protesting.

"Take a look. They do look blue don't they?" Joe waved a finger for me to look closer.

I walked over to where Joe sat on the floor and knelt down. "Joe, those balls are really blue", They really didn't look all that blue but I thought I should humor him.

"God, they ache. That bitch, all she did was tease me all night"

Joe had a long snake-like dick draped across his crotch laying sideways so he wouldn't cover up his "blue balls".

I became entranced by Joe's dick. It seemed to have a power over me. Suddenly I started moving toward it like remote control. There was some deep driving urge to do something. I didn't know what I was going to do but I kept moving toward it.

I reached down and softly rubbed Joe's balls. I figured any good buddy would do the same.

"Oh, yeah Mark, rub them nice and easy buddy. Thanks" Joe kinda moaned and leaned back in complete submission rolling his head side to side.

The feel of Joe's balls was like touching a hot bare wire. I felt electric chills run through my arm and fill my body.

My hidden driving force had more in mind and I felt my head continue to move toward Joe's crotch. I thought maybe to smell it but instead I licked Joe's ball sack and then took one into my mouth.

'They're tender Mark but that feels good. Do that for a while."

I gently massaged each of Joe' balls with my tongue. I could tell it was giving him relief.

I was surprised to see Joe's dick starting to move like a snake responding to a snake charmer. I started chanting like a snake charmer, moving my head from side to side in motion with Joe's cock which was still moving and waving and reaching up to meet my lips, my tongue darted out like a snakes and I licked the slimy stuff off of the tip like a frog nips a fly. I was surprised by how good it tasted and the fun I was having.

Joe was moaning and gently rocking side to side.

"That what I need Mark. Thanks buddy, I'll owe you"

Hey maybe good buddies do this for each other, I didn't know.

I lifted my head to admire Joe's long thin dick still chanting and waving my hands.

"Joe, your dick is really big. Do you realize how big it is?" it was a stupid question. Of course he knew but I had to say something about its size.

I put my lips around the head and Joe began to move. He was helping to slide his dick into my mouth and throat. He was very slow and gentle but he knew what he was doing. As he pushed he increased the pressure. The head slipped further and further into the back of my throat until I gagged.

"Oh, sorry. That happens a lot. It'll stop if you just keep trying"

I was back on Joe's cock and his rhythmic pushing continued, the tempo increasing. Joe was breathing hard and making sounds when he shoved. His cock was as far in my mouth as I though it could go when Joe grabbed the back of my head and shoved his dick hard making a loud grunt.

The head slipped past the tight spot and on down my throat. My nose was smashed into Joe's pubic hairs. Joe was completely in charge now, I couldn't breath and my face was turning red. I stretched my eyes open and looked up to see Joe smiling in kind of a lost dreamy ecstacy.

I tried to lift my head and at first Joe just held it tight. I moved side to side to try to get some air and Joe realized and let me up. I was coughing

"You almost suffocated me Joe. Don't do that" I protested with tears in my eyes.

"Ok, ok, sorry I'll let you do the driving. I'll just be the passenger."

I cleared my throat and slipped my lips back around Joe's shiny hard cock.

I bobbed my head up and down and Joe clearly liked that. I went faster and he liked it more.

"Yes, that's it, oh yes, SUCK IT MARK!"

Suddenly I felt joe's dick harden even more and his body tensed. A thick wad a cum shot into my mouth. At first I didn't know what to do with it but before I could make a decision another stream and another stream shot in. I had no choice and began swallowing.

Joe was groaning and rubbing the back of my head.

"Oh, Mark, you saved my life. That was so great. My balls don't look blue now do the""

I looked and they sure didn't, all pink and glowing happily"

"They're pink now Joe"

"I think we'd better get some sleep Mark. We got a lotta stuff to do tomorrow" Joe stood up and just let his cut offs drop to the floor. A long string of cum was dangling from his swaying dick as he padded off the the bedroom.

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