By: Robert Jimenez


Mark and Gene came to Miami to spend the summer between their junior and
senior year in high school with Gene's brother Don. They'd heard Miami was
hot in the summer but they never dreamed it was this hot.

Gene leaped up the steps to the apartment two at a time excited to tell Joe
and Don the good news. We had been in Miami for four days and knew we had
to find a job if we were going to spend the rest of our summer break there.
Gene tripped through the screen door and I was hot on his heels nearly
falling into the apartment. We were both grinning ear to ear and gasping for
breath, sweat pouring down our red faces.

"We got a job, we got a job" Gene was yelling. He was so excited he stumbled
out of his flip flops and I caught his arm to keep him from falling.

"It's really a great job for a whole month." I panted continuing for Gene
"and wait til you hear how much pay."

"$5,000 each for one fucking month. Can you believe it?" Gene interrupted.

Joe and Don had been lounging on the couch watching wrestling. When they
heard $5,000 they popped up to the edge of their seats, eager to hear more.

"No shit, slow down and tell us what the hell you're doing for $5,000. How
many banks you gotta rob? Oh, I know. You have to swallow balloons full of
heroin and smuggle them in through airports." Don was grinning but serious
about wanting an explanation. Joe just stared half grinning with his mouth

"Nothing like that dammit, now just keep your trap shut. Here's what it is."
Gene said, "this guy yells at us on the dock and asks us if we want to make
a few quick bucks. I thought "uh-oh, here comes the perv" but he was fine.
He explained that he's an agent for a bunch of young TV and singing stars
and once a year he holds a month long party retreat for all of them." Gene
stopped to gulp a lungfull of air.

"Kind of a chance for them to really de-program," I continued letting Gene
catch his breath again, "It's the man's own private island and it has no
outside communication, it's completely isolated. The boats come in the first
of the month and go out the end of the month. That's it."

Gene interrupted, we both wanted to talk at once "He wants us plus about a
dozen other 18-year-olds — he stressed we had to be 18 and only 18, not
over, not under."

I shouted over Gene's voice "Your little brother had a hard time convincing
him he was really 18 since he looks like a snotty 12-year-old."

Gene punched my shoulder hard.

"Oww, that hurt fucker"

"Oww that hurt fucker." Gene mocked, "did that feel like a 12-year-old's
punch?" Gene refocused and continued, "anyway all we have to do is kinda be
the service staff for the stars for the month. Pretty sweet. Like be their
servants and run errands and stuff. The guy said there would be about half
girl stars and half guys. How cool is this gonna be?" Gene was grinning and
was still breathing hard. Sweat was trickling down his chest, our t-shirts
were soaked.

"Are you sure this guy can be trusted? How do you know he's real?" Don

"Hey I recognized the guys name. You've heard of the agent Gordo Jones,
right? Anyway he's got all these stars pictures with personal notes to him
hanging all over his yacht and all and you can just tell. He reps some of
the hottest kids in entertainment including the New Block Boys and the
Ronson Twins. He's got a ton of tv kids too. The cast of Area Code 555. Oh,
he's real alright, he's great." Gene was talking and rocking back and forth
"We need a ride tomorrow around 5. Do you think you guys could give us a
ride to the dock tomorrow afternoon?"

Joe grinned, "Think you could get us in? We could pass for 18, don't you
think?" he danced around the room playing an air guitar trying to look

"Yeah, we'll give you two a ride." Don said and tousled Gene's hair
lovingly. "Just be careful, sometimes things aren't always what they seem".

"Yeah, we will, don't worry." Gene was barely listening to big-brother

I had already pulled my soaked t-shirt off, "I'm sweatin' like a pig and
hottern'n a freshly fucked monkey, I'm gonna hop in a cold shower" I turned
and headed toward the bedroom with Gene right behind me.

Once inside the room we grabbed each other's arms and began jumping up and
down in a circle "can you believe this fucking job?" We danced in a circle
until we got dizzy then flopped on the bed.

Gene's face landed on my chest.

"Whew, you do stink."

"Ok, I know." I hopped right up and kicked off my flip-flops. As I was
unbuttoning my shorts I noticed Gene laying on the bed sideways, his head
resting on his hand, grinning and watching me. That was the first time I'd
ever noticed him just watching while I undressed. I stopped for a second and
just looked at him.

"Go ahead and undress. I just wanna watch, ok?" his voice was soft and
totally innocent.

"You lookin' for a show young man? You came to the right place. For just a
dime, one thin dime you can watch this wild man from Borneo coax a snake
right out from his belly. Step right up"

Gene kept watching and grinning "ok I owe you a dime Wild Man".

I slowly swayed side to side and unbuttoned my jeans with a snap of the
fingers. As I worked my thighs and butt the zipper started down, slowly. I
finally coaxed it all the way down. The shorts just hung on my waist for a
second glued by the sweat then slowly gravity took hold and they drifted
down my thighs to my ankles. I stepped out of them and let Gene have a good
look at my dick and then kicked the shorts into his face.

"As you can see this is a real snake, capable of biting his victim at any
time" I held up my dick like a snake handler would handle a poisonous snake.
I turned and bent my ass to his face.

"Ooooh, wild man, go away, that face scares me."

While I had my back to him I tucked my dick between my legs and turned back
around quickly, growling.
Gene was startled by the suddenness and jumped. I started air fingering a
flute making swami flute sounds that bring cobras out of baskets. "da da
dadada, dada dede da". Gene just stayed in the same position laughing and
watching. I let my dick loose from behind my legs, the exhibitionist in me
was turned on and as I played the air flute the "snake" kept on rising into
the air. Straight up and stiff as a board, the snake, alas, could grow no

"There he is young man, the Wild Man From Borneo and his charming snake,
Corbra. Be careful he will bite you. I lunged my crotch at Gene. He didn't
move but just stared at my dick still grinning"

I bowed, turned and went into the bathroom. I had no idea what Gene was up
to but I really really did need a shower. Stepping into the shower the water
felt cool and refreshing. My "snake" was going back where it came from. I
figured it would be taken care of in due time. I was just letting the water
roll down my body when the shower curtain opened and there stood Gene naked.

"I decided I needed a quick shower myself" Gene stepped under the cool
spray, "Ooh that's pretty cold, it made my cock shrivel up like a peanut."

My back was to Gene. I turned and looked over my shoulder, "it looks normal
size to me".

"Bullshit, I'll bet yours is all shriveled too."

He reached around and grabbed my dick.

"Hey watch it honey unless you want the snake to bite you" I turned to face
Gene grinning expecting a playful reply. Instead he was looking down
red-faced and released my cock.

"Hey, only kidding. Finish your shower and we'll talk more snake in the
other room if you want." I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

Gene was still standing rock still, his red face turned to the wall while
water splashed down his chest and belly creating a little rivulet that was
falling off the end of his dick.

"I was just kidding, now knock it off." I was getting mad at his moodiness.

He broke out of his embarrassed trance and also got out. He grabbed a towel
and wrapped it around his waist.

"Mark, let's have that talk." he said while walking over to the bed and
sitting on the edge. Water was dripping from his hair.

Patting a spot next to him, he invited me to sit. I had already slipped
fresh cut-offs on and sat down.

Gene was quiet and kept staring at the floor.

"So. . .?" I was getting a little impatient. The curiosity of where he
was going with this was killing me though I was secretly hoping he was
coming out to me. I really didn't believe it could happen though, not Gene.

"Don't rush it Mark. I just have a few things I need to say." Gene was
speaking very softly. "First, we're going to a job tomorrow where there
will be tons of good looking people doing who knows what with each other.
I'm worried you'll get all involved with one of them and forget about me.
Mark, I love you, always have and always will. The other night convinced me
how much you loved me. Now I'm afraid of losing you."

"Don't worry about. . ."

"Let me finish," Gene said stopping me in mid-sentence "I know you remember
the other night when I asked you to blow me and you said you loved me that
much and gave me that great blowjob. I could feel the love, the way you
moved your mouth and tongue. You coaxed me into an out-of-my-mind-orgasm.
I won't ever forget the deep feeling of love you expressed and that I felt
for you."

I was getting a little excited waiting to hear what he had to say. I had
loved Gene then and even more now but he'd never talked like this and it was
turning me on.

"Mark" Gene continued. "You know how long we've been friends and how tight
we always were and are? I didn't realize until we got down here in Miami .
. ."

"Hey! What are you guys doing in there?" Don was pounding on the door. "I
thought you had things to do."

"Give us a few minutes Don, would you?" Gene said in the same soft voice as
he pleaded to be left alone.

Don left the door and Gene continued. "Since we got here and slept in the
same bed and shared the same emotions, job, no job, laughs and now even
showers. I've discovered how much I really love you." His voice trailed off
and started to crack

"Hey man, its ok. It's all good. Love is a great thing. Don't worry about
those famous people, ok?" I tried to calm and reassure him reaching my arm
around his shoulder and giving him a hug.

"Yeah, I know, thanks, I'm ok now. Anyway..."

Gene leaned over to me and gently pushed my back to the bed. He rolled
partly on top of me and put his face in front of mine just inches away. He
looked so innocent and beautiful. Tears were in his blue eyes and his cheeks
were flushed bright red. He leaned his head closer and very lightly put his
lips to mine. I felt like Gene had plugged into me and tingling electricity
flowed over my body. Gene flickered his tongue between my lips sending
chills down my body. My body filled with a passionate need for more and I
pulled him tight to me and kissed him hard putting my tongue deep into his
mouth. My snake was growing again. Gene had already pulled the towel off his
waist and I could see he had a raging boner.

He pulled away from our embrace and stood up at the foot of the bed just
staring at me. He stood there with his dick dripping and throbbing with each
heart beat. He looked like a Donatello statue.

"Mark I want to show you how much I love you."

He leaned over and started licking my toes and then trailed his tongue up my
feet. He tongued the inside of my calves and around my knees, gently licking
the backs before running the tip of his tongue up the inside of my thigh
across my balls and down the other thigh. Oh my God I was shaking and
shivering with excitement.

He pushed my legs apart and put his nose right under my balls while flicking
his tongue around my hole. I was just wishing he'd hurry up, I was crazy for
him to suck my cock. At last his tongue teased up the front of my dick and
pushed into my slit and all around the head lapping up cum juice.

"That's it Geno, that's it." I barely could breath. But he kept going up my
stomach and bellybutton and up to my swollen stiff nipples biting them
gently. I could tell Gene was in a trance and just doing whatever his
passion told him. As he licked he made kind of a purring, humming sound.

He laid his body on mine and I felt his hard dick pressing into my stomach.
He moved sideways and let his cock rub across mine then back again and he
was stroking and back and forth and our cocks were intertwined. We both lost
control and spasmatically stroked and rubbed our dicks together. A huge
orgasm swept our bodies and we flooded each other with cum. Gene's face was
ecstatic with pleasure. I loved watching his face as he came.

He put his head down over my shoulder and kissed my cheek and whispered "now
we can really get started". He lifted up and grinned at me while I lay on
the bed amazed and totally in love.

"You are awesome, dude. I really love you, Gene".

Gene went to the bedroom door with cum smeared all over his chest and
stomach. His hair plastered down wet from the shower and sweat. He opened
the door part way and leaned out.

"Hey guys, Don, Joe, we're just gonna rack up tonight and get an early start
tomorrow. See ya in the morning"

Gene closed the door and turned crawling back up on the bed "Now let's see
where were we? Oh yeah, I remember." he flopped down on top of me
re-smearing the drying cum. He kissed me hard this time and drove his tongue
deep into my mouth. It was good, so good. Gene scooted around to straddle my
head getting himself in position for 69. His dick was directly over my head
and a drop of cum dripped on my cheek and rolled off. I couldn't resist and
took his hard dick and pulled it down into my mouth. I put one hand up under
his ass and helped him pumping. Gene was working my cock using exactly the
same movement I was using on his cock. It was as if I was sucking my own
cock. I flicked my tongue in and out of his slit. Gene flicked his tongue in
and out of my cock slit. I worked my lips down shaft, flicking my tongue
around the head. He did the same thing to me. I bit the head of his dick, he
bit mine, harder I think. He was making me crazy with pleasure copying my
movements. I wanted to make us both crazier and I sucked with all my might.
It must have worked because he made a muffled high-pitched sound. I felt him
create an amazing suction on my cock. What an intense feeling We both
quickly reached a paralyzing orgasm letting streams of cum fill each others

Our cocks began to soften and Gene crawled back up to my head and began to
kiss me. We each still had globs of cum swimming in our mouths and we
shared, combining it into one glob that we swapped back and forth. Finally
we each took half and swallowed.

"Let's rest a bit. I want to try some other things still tonight." Gene was
stretched out on his back with his arms behind his head smiling at the
ceiling. His wet cock glistened in the soft moonlight filling the room.

"Jeez Gene we'll be too tired for work. You are one sex-crazy dude. I
thought I knew you."

He just turned his head toward me "Rest Mark, just rest."

I quickly fell into a deep sleep and started dreaming about my dick growing
and growing and getting harder. It had grown so long I thought I would have
to wind it around my leg to go out. As it grew the pleasure it supplied
increased. The pleasure overwhelmed my senses and became me. I thought I'd
become a huge penis. The exquisite feelings it was producing can only be
felt in a dream. I vaguely became aware that my cock actually was huge and
the Gene was working on it intently. As I awakened Gene was straddling my
stomach and was aiming my cock at his virgin asshole. Each time he sat on it
and it began to penetrate, he flinched and lifted off.

I continued to pretend to be asleep and was totally turned on. My cock was
stoned-bone hard and swollen to its max.

Gene tried again after spitting on his hand and rubbing it on my dick which
was now getting pretty slick itself with it's own juice. Muttering to
himself he again aimed my cock and got the head part way in and stopped. I
decided Gene needed help so I gave my hips a hard shove and drove my cock 3
or 4 inches in.

"Oooooooh owwww. Oh, damn. Why didn't you tell me you were awake fucker?
This hurts" Gene was panting red faced and in pain "I didn't realize it
would hurt so much. Take it out Mark."

He was complaining but I knew he wanted more, needed more. "I'm gonna help
you out Gene." I started to pull out.

"Oh, thanks Mark take it out."

Then I grabbed Gene's waist and pounded my boner deep into his ass clear to
my pubic bone.

"Aieeeeaaaahaaaa. Owweee. Oh man oh man Mark, Jeez" Gene was just panting
sounds and random words.

I just rubbed his thighs reassuringly "Just take it easy and relax. I'll go
slow and you'll start to like it. I went through the same thing and found
out how great it is."

I slowly started sliding my cock in and out just a few inches at a time. I
did this for a few minutes and pretty soon Gene was moving with me. I could
tell he was starting to like it.

I made the strokes longer and longer with a quicker pace.

"Now we're fucking Gene."

"Fuck me Mark, fuck me hard." Gene panted, his face a bright red.

He rocked on me and I was slammin' into his ass. We were bouncing pretty
hard on the bed, banging on the bed frame making quite a bit of noise but
Don and Joe must have gone out because we didn't hear a word from them.

"I'm gonna co. . . . mmmmun" I started shooting a load before I could get
the words out of my mouth.

"I love it Mark, your whole body turned rock-hard as you came. It feels so
good, like hot and wet way inside. Keep pumping"

A glob of cum slid down Gene's leg as I pumped until my soft cock fell out
of his ass, all wet a slimy.

"We gotta clean up and get a few hours sleep. No more tonight Gene, got it?
We need to be rested up for the island."

"Yeah I guess you're right" Gene was conceding but only reluctantly.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned the dried cum and sweat and shit off my
body and came back into the bedroom. Gene was already asleep so I took a
wash cloth and gently cleaned him up, drying him off with a fluffy white
towel. He looked so peaceful and beautiful, his lips formed a soft satisfied

I leaned over and kissed him gently and then crawled in beside him and was
out immediately. This time I didn't dream at all.

"Wake up you two, gotta big day. Wake up" Don was pounding on the door.

I groggily grunted something to him and he left the door.

"Oh God, Gene. It can't be morning already." I tried sitting up and flopped
back to the bed.

"C'mon Mark, time to get up." Gene reached over and grabbed my boner like a
handle and started to lift.

"Don't fuck around, Gene dammit. No! We got stuff to do. Remember? Job?
$5,000? Bank?. Let go"

"Party shittin' pooper." Gene complained getting out of bed slowly.

"Oww, I'm sore", Gene was rubbing his butt "you're a big boy, Markie." he
grinned and headed for the shower.

Though we got little sleep, the excitement that lay ahead of us gave us all
the adrenaline and energy we would ever need. Next stop, party island. TBC

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