One Rose, Two Thorns

Worlds apart but three intertwined.
Bed of roses bush of thorns.
Holding hands happy as can be.
Inner struggle separated are we.
You on my left.
Him on my right.
Will I even live through this night?
Clouded haze, smog, not so clear.
My heads desire is my hearts worst fear.
The rainbow of colours.
Clouded my view.
Red, orange, yellow all I can think of is you.
Blue, purple, green this is not what it seemed
Fingers lock, needles pierce, blades slice,
This all too real, this is all I fear.
A dozen roses for you over there.
A thousand thorns for each and every pair.
Lilies so sweet an adorable smell.
Like my hair so often you smelt.
We laughed we cried, you often dried my eyes.
We kissed, we hugged, was I just taken for a mug.
"Ring around a rosie
A pocket full of posies
A tissue
A tissue
We all fall down"
But I truly was the one who hit the ground.

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