"Hyper Dome"


This is a world we call the Hyper Dome. It was created in the year 2254 after a large nuclear disaster on earth. The humans who survived the disaster lived in a floating space colony. It was too inhumane. The people were going insane, they would fight, and even few would die. Dr Rhomer of Russian intelligence started to create a type of paradise. More like something you would have seen out of movies like the Matrix, The Village, and Megazone 23. Humans were willingly put into an environment to create the alternate reality of home. They were put in a subconscious state were they would never awake until the planet was fixed. A machine would run the program. It would feed the people with food, artificially inseminate humans, and it would continue to expand the Hyper Dome's reach. After 20 years, over 10 million were online. The Hyper Dome was successful.

Dr. Rhomer passed away. His Hyper Dome paradise would soon start a revolution. The humans would start to branch off into their own sectors.

May 13, 2281:

A group of humans inside the Hyper Dome began to riot. They wanted full control of the computer-generated reality. The nightmare that once destroyed earth was starting to rebuild. The humans that stood against evil were beginning to hack the system with their brains, somewhat, reprogram their physical limits. However, the machine that was to watch them ended up causing a short failure. The people were now stuck inside the system. Scientists on the outside couldn't bring them out. They had to write up programs to neutralize the human threat. This was hardly effective. It was impossible to monitor everyone. Things would soon turn into chaos.