To Fly

I want to fly.

Fly far, far away.

Somewhere I don't yet exist.

Somewhere I can grow from that which I forced upon myself.

I don't want to be scared of that which can be explained.

Not when the true unknown can fill a lifetime of fear.


A place where I am more than a bird with broken wings,

Where I finish what I begin.

This world is shrinking, decency and justice vanishing,

In place of hate and greed.

I want to find what's left of the light,

Before I give myself to the darkness,

Our race is so well known for.


To fly.

Fly to the ends of the earth and beyond.

To find a place called 'free'.

Where the ground doesn't lock me to the ground with chains.

A place where I see the sky

And think of flying, rather than falling.


The sights that lift one's spirits rather than kill them.

To live in reality rather than die dreaming.

Can this place exist on this plane?

Or is it just a dream?

A dream from which I will never wake?

One that will wrap me up,

And never let go until I say goodbye?


Why do I wish for true freedoms key, when my reality is so fortunate?

Why do my eyes and ears cloud at everything I have been given,

While my soul screams for this chapters end?


To run would be to escape

Or would drive me deeper into the cage.

Black Dark