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Training Our Youths in the Art of Armed Servicing since 1947

(Coat of arms: regular shape, with sword and rifle crossed in middle, the letters AG entwined at the centre of the coat, right in the middle where the sword and rifle cross; ribbon at the very bottom of coat of arms, with the words Veritas et Pacem)

Dear Miss Jacobs,

Congratulations. We are pleased to inform you that your application to be enlisted into the Armed Guards Academy has been accepted, and you are now officially an Armed Guards Cadet until the completion of your Minor Services Training. You are one out of the approximately 3,000 youths who entered, who have successfully made it thus far. Well done.

Keep in mind that you have applied for Cadetship, you have applied for four years of enlisted service. You are not permitted to leave the Academy unless you are dishonourably discharged from your position of Cadet, which leaves you no choice but to go home. This is not something I do with pleasure.

Please be at The Armed Guards Academy at Bentley this January 25th, 2003, at 2:30pm for your Orientation Day, where your name will be put down for the year's enrolment.

We look forward to your attendance on this day, and your attendance for the rest of the year!

Best wishes,

Ursula Barton

General Ursula Barton
The Armed Guards


NAME: Elliott Amanda Jacobs
SCHOOL: Meades South


The Armed Guards have been in service since the end of World War One, where the lives of many of our Important Delegates have been in the public eye, and their lives are almost always in jeopardy of being harmed.

The idea of the Armed Guards was conceived by Captain James Laurel, who thought that the concept of protecting the World Delegates was a job that should be brought onto specially trained Armed Forces servicemen. However, the Armed Forces servicemen and women were too busy keeping the peace that had been developed since the discontinuation of World War One.

James Laurel then decided that he himself would retire from the Army. He recruited twelve young adults, hence beginning the long and proud legacy of the Armed Guards.

Since then, the Armed Guards Academy has been erected to do the job that James Laurel did himself 58 years ago. The Academy recruits only twelve youths per year, and train them in the Art of Armed Service. The youths recruited have applied to enter.

The Academy receives approximately 3,678 applications to enter the prestigious Academy per year, and less than one percent of the received applications go through to be approved by the General. The twelve recruits permitted into the Academy each year have enlisted, via applying, to four full years of training and service. It is then, in their fifth year, their choice if they wish to continue their training, and then be enlisted to the Armed Guards Forces, or if they would like to leave the Academy and pursue their own career path.

Congratulations, Elliott Amanda Jacobs, for you are one of the less than one percent of the applicants who have made it hence far.

Elliott Amanda Jacobs, congratulations – for you have been chosen as one of the very exalted youths of our nation. You have been chosen to uphold the proud legacy that is the Armed Guards.


The Official Rankings given to long-serving officers and enlisted personnel of the Armed Guards differ from the conventional rankings given to that of enlisted personnel and officers in the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force).

These are the rankings given to Officers of the Armed Guards, depending on the Service they have given to the Force, and their years of enlisted service. Some of the rankings given to other crew personnel in other Armed Forces have been omitted, because of the smaller size of the Armed Guards Forces.








At the school, the rankings slightly differ:









(Circled paragraphs)


Ever wanted to fly a cool fighter jet? Well, this is the first step. Train with Air Force officers and be able to carry out simple flight commands. You'll be flying that simple, light aircraft in no time.


Watched CSI? What about NCIS? Of course you have. Train with former NCISA officers and be able to figure out why John Doe got murdered by Jane.

(Circled and highlighted and asterisked)


This is one of the most prestigious programs that recruits have the chance to participate in. If you are chosen, you are chosen. You have the chance to extend your combatry skills, meaning that you may well be eight lessons or so ahead of your peers. With this special program, you have the chance to enter the Armed Guards Forces, and be able to save the life of a World Delegate, much earlier than your other classmates.

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