July raised a gloved hand up to the marble counter. Her fingers laced around a red gel pen that sat upon the gleaming white marble. Her ice blue eyes were staring unmovingly at the wooden cabinet door of which she'd opened as absent-mindly as she'd grabbed the pen.

Her eyes moved to glance at the pen as her other hand came up and grabbed the cap. Her ears twitched gently against dark brown curls as a subtle click arose from the pen, signifying that the pen was now usable.

July's stare quickly found it's way back to the wooden cabinet. Her thoughts went racing, and she, without concentrating upon her own actions, pressed the metal tip of the pen onto the cabinet door.

Her hand swished as her eyes grayed over in thought, yet still glowing slightly from the dim lights above her. Her mind drifted into thoughts of her past loves, family gatherings, various fights, and the simple pleasures of sitting upon the porch with friends. Upon her lips rested three words of which, instead of being spoken, she wrote upon the wall. As she finished the last letter her mind settled. Her ice-like eyes regained their natural coloration as she realized what her hands had been doing whilst her mind was elsewhere.

Aloud she read the words of which had been dancing about in her mind. Their partners in the spiraling dance being the fading memories that had been running along within her mind.

Beauty and despair…

July placed the cap back onto the pen, and set it onto the counter once more. She took off her white colored glove and brought her thumb up. She pressed her thumb against the wet, red ink and rubbed away at it. She removed her thumb staring at the only word left upon the cabinet. Despair.

July gave a faint, defeated smile as she set the pen down. She then turned, flicking off the lights and walking out of the room. Her head was lowered, and her eyes grayed over once more. This time, however, they did not gray from that of thinking, but of the loneliness. The despair of loosing all those beautiful things she can only find now in her memories.