Confused Identity

Chapter 6: Midnight Wanderings

Later that night, Fred crept into Ralon's room, dressed in rags. Ralon sat on his bed, similarly dressed, patiently waiting for Fred. When he saw Fred, he stoop up and walked out into the hall and starting silently down the corridors, keeping a look out for anyone.

They crept down the stairs, keeping to the edges so they wouldn't creak. They padded down to their last obstacle, the echoey dining hall. Ralon crept to the doorway. The coast was clear as far as he could tell. He looked back and nodded at Fred as he started walking into the dining hall, only to crash headfirst into Claire, as she crept backwards out of the shadows. She squeaked before quickly clapping a hand over her mouth. Evenso, her squeak echoed through the hall. She put a finger to her lips and motioned toward the outside door.

As soon as they stepped outside, they all started talking at once.

"What are you-" That was Claire.

"Why are you-" Now Ralon.

"Where on earth-" And finally Fred.

"Hold on!" That was Ralon taking charge. "If we keep talking at once, we'll never hear each other." By now of course the other two had fallen into a sheepish silence. "Ladies first. Claire?"

Claire took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "What are you doing here in the middle of the night?"

"We could ask you the same thing," Ralon replied.

"Well if you must know, I was going for a walk," she said iindignanmtly.

"Dressed like that?"

Claire looked down at herself. She was dressed almost identically to the boys, except that she wore no shoes. She shrugged and looked up. "I simply don't want to be robbed."

"Exactly how far were you planning on going for your 'walk'?" Fred questioned, looking pointedly at her bare feet.

"I wander. My feet can handle it." The boys looked at her skeptically, but they shrugged it off. "So where are you two headed?"

"We were just going to explore," Ralon said vaguely. "You may join us if you wish," he added.

"I think I will," she stated.

Ralon seemed taken aback, but quickly regained his composure. Fred just looked amused.

"Fine," said Ralon. "But you can only come if you can keep up." With an evil grin and a wink he took off sprinting, Fred close on his heels.

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