When Angels Deserve to Die

Chapter One


I have fallen
From home and lonely
I have fallen
For you
The dark blur – or rather was it light? – shot past the airplane, rocking the plane worse that turbulence.


"What the hell!"

The two pilots of the plane blinked and swore loudly, but as soon as they looked again whatever it was that they saw disappeared.

Another shockwave rocked the plane.


"Damn what was that!?"

The pilots blinked and turned to look again, but whatever it was, was gone once more.

Swearing once more the pilots blamed it on imagination.

"Damn I need a vacation."

"You and me both."

But what they didn't know was that those two consecutive bursts were all a part of a plan…a plan for two angels.

In a mass of light and feathers a body hit the ground forcefully, kicking up dust and wind in the sandy desert. Laying unconscious in the red dust, winged and robed, was an angel.

Soft cream face and eyes hidden behind bangs the angel lay there, in all of its glory, just waiting to be found.

Rinku stared out the window as his family drove through the desert. He had felt a disturbance in the balance a while ago and was lost deep in thought.

'What is going on now? No one disturbs the balance…' he thought cautiously.

Frowning as his family drove by the scenery of the desert his eyes darting here and there.

Then he saw it. Hidden behind a cactus was the disturbance.

'A fallen!?'

"Mom, dad, pull over!" Staring at Rinku in confusion they did as he said. Rinku unbuckled himself and pulled himself out of the car, racing towards the unconscious form that was the disturbance.

"Great God!"


Rinku's eyes widened as he stared at the angel before him. Kneeling beside the fallen form he reached out a hand towards the angelic face. He ran a hand through the angels soft hair, frowning.

'His hair, it's odd,' he thought. Indeed his hair was odd. The group of hair that covered his head was green, the crowning over that was an orange pile of hair, forming a crown around his head. A small coronet sat upon his head, claiming his status. 'By God he's one of the leaders!'

The angel moaned in his unconscious state.

"Damn, damn, damn," muttered Rinku. Carefully Rinku ran his hands over the angels form, hiding the angels true form and leaving behind a brown haired boy with jeans and a white tee-shirt whose bangs covered his eyes. Rinku picked up the staff besides the angels feet and banished it away for now.

"Rinku!" called his mom. "Hurry up Rinku!"

"Coming mother!" Rinku, now sure that the angel was okay, shook him awake.

"Come on," he muttered, "wake up."


"Please, wake up!" The angels eyes blinked open before snapping shut at the immense light.

"Where – Where am I?" he moaned.

"Earth," stated Rinku, "what happened?"

"I – I don't know…" Rinku cursed.

"Listen, you'll have to come with me, do you have a name?"


"No name?"

"No." Rinku sighed.

"This just makes things harder. You'll be my friend, okay? You'll be my friend Riku that I found wandering in the desert, your car had broken down and I found you, okay? Just – I think it's best if you don't talk at all until I can verse you on what's going on in Earth. Now, can you stand?"

"I – I think so…"

"Good, then let me help you, my parents are right over there."

"Who – What – are you?" Riku questioned as Rinku helped him stand.

"You'll learn in time, Riku," Rinku stated gently, "now come on, let us get you to that car." Riku shut up, locking away the questions on what a car was for later.


"Coming mom!" Rinku walked carefully towards his parents, helping a somewhat dysfunctional Riku towards the car.

"Rinku wha-"

"This is my friend, mom," Rinku said, as if he had known this all his life, "Riku. His car has broken down and he's been wandering the desert, can he stay with us for the time being'?" Rinku's mother nodded.

"As long as you make sure he's welcome."

"Thanks mom!"

"Yes…thank you," Riku whispered. Rinku's mom smiled.

"No problems dear, now why don't you get in the back seat with Rinku, and Rinku, he looks famished, get him something to drink."

"Yes mom." Whispering in Riku's ear he added, "Please, don't speak to my parents just yet, wait until I get you caught up, it seems you're a bit behind the times, Fallen." Riku nodded, frowning slightly.

"If you think – yes, I will do as you ask, Death." Rinku's eyes widened.

"Don't speak of that here, later, okay?" Riku again nodded. Rinku helped the taller boy into the back seat, buckled him in, before closing the door and getting in on the other side. Almost immediately was Riku asleep.

'He's probably adjusting to Earth, I know that falling is quite strenuous, and getting back is even more so…' Sighing Rinku went back to staring out the window, contemplating his new amnesiac friend.

'I just hope he remembers more soon, like his name, and what happened. It'll help in getting him back.'

With one more sigh Rinku drifted off into blissful sleep.

This is a story I wrote based off of a few characters named Riku and Rinku. Rinku is the Lord over the Dead, Death himself, or the Grim Reaper. Riku is a fallen angel. The poem at the start is owned by me called "Fallen" dedicatesd to Riku. I have had this story in mind for a while, so I hope you guys enjoy. Although it won't be updated frequently as I have other top priorities at the moment, such as school and Eternum, which I want to get published before I am out of Highschool. Hopefully I can get ideas on that soon.

Bye for now

Twin Kats

© 2005 by Twin Kats