When Angels Deserve to Die

Chapter Three

Deadly Enemy

I laugh at a mutilated body
Grin at the screaming twisted face
Drink the red liquid of life
Darkness crept over the landscape, darkness that shrouded the roaming creature. But this wasn't a creature, oh no, this was much more than a creature.

"Where is he," muttered the dark figure, "damn it where is he!"

The figure paused before a spot on the ground. Bending low she sniffed the desert sand.

"So you were here," she murmured, "but where are you now? Where are you now, Zephyr?" She cracked a grin. "Oh I will find you, Zephyr, count on it, I will find you."

She stood, red eyes gleaming underneath her hood.

"I will find you, dear brother, I will find you," she whispered into the dark air, "if it is the last thing I do I will find you, or my name isn't Desdemona."

Smiling she stalked down the roadway, booted feet hitting the ground with loud thumps. Suddenly her gin twisted into a grimace sneer. She laughed. Black wings unfurled behind her as she laughed.

"Oh yes, brother angel, light of the day, I, sister demon, dark of the night, shall find you." Her laughter turned maniacal. Her face twisted once more in the dark light.

"I'll find you…and then I'll kill you."

She laughed, head thrown back into a deep dark laugh.

"I'll find you…and kill you."

"So, Riku, where are you parents?" Riku didn't look up and just picked at his food. Rinku jumped in voicing the thoughts Riku didn't.

"They died last year," he said, "a car crash in Maui."

"Oh, I'm sorry for bringing up painful memories. Do you have any relatives that you live with then?" Riku kept quiet.

"He's not one to talk, mom," Rinku voiced, "just stop with the question, please?" Rinku's mother frowned.

"Okay then. You know, Riku, you can stay as long as you want. I'm sure Frank won't mind."

"Thank you Mrs. Kettleborn."

"No, no, call me Alice or mom," Alice said. Riku just nodded and continued to pick at his food.

"Come on, Riku," Rinku said suddenly, "let's get that bed fixed up for you."

"But honey, he can stay in the-"

"It is fine…Alice," Riku said before standing and following Rinku out of the room.

"Strange boy he is," Frank said.



Riku shut the door behind him and Rinku.

"Riku, do you remember anything more of your past?" Rinku questioned, sitting down before his computer and typing something.

"No." Rinku just nodded and finished typing, stared at the computer for a second before typing some more and then turning the computer off.

"Come on, I'll make you a small bed until I can get that mattress down here. You'll be going to my school of course." Riku just nodded as Rinku moved about pulling down black sheets and pillows from the closet.

"They're black."

"Yes, I hope you don't mind," Rinku said.

"Quite the opposite, actually," Riku murmured, "I like black." Rinku looked up surprised.

"Ya know," Rinku said, turning back to the task at hand, "I've never met an angel that likes black. Then again I haven't met many angels in my lifetime." Rinku finished with the bed and turned once more towards Riku who was looking about the room curiously. "Are you sure you don't remember anything as to why you've fallen?"

Riku didn't say anything.

"Fine then, ignore me. I'm going to bed, school starts early in the morning. Good night Riku."

Rinku still got no response from the silent angel. Sighing once more that night he moved and dressed in his pajamas, flicking the black outfit towards the laundry basket.

Riku waited until Rinku was perfectly asleep before moving towards his bed. He paused, staring down at the angelic face of death. Cautiously he brushed a hand through the bleach blonde locks.

"I wonder," Riku muttered, "why you seem to be prominent in my evasive memories…" Sighing he moved towards his bed and spotted a pair of pajamas sitting beside it. He chuckled and changed before slipping underneath the covers and lying on top of the sleeping back.

"Goodnight," murmured Rinku, still asleep.

"Goodnight…" Riku muttered before falling into blissful unconsciousness.

Desdemona watched the moon in the darkened sky of the night.

"Glorious," she murmured, "but it is even better when red." She sipped the red wine that was in her hand and leaned back in the chair she sat in beside the window. She had rented a hotel room for now.

Sighing Desdemona closed her blood red eyes and leaned her head back, groaning.

"Damn you Zephyr," she muttered, "damn you for getting us in this predicament. But as you know only one of us will come out alive…only one." She chuckled darkly and opened her eyes. "Only one…and it shan't be you." Smirking she took another sip of the wine in her hand.

"Oh no…it shan't be you…heaven forbid it be you…oh no…it'll be me, I'll make sure of it." With that said she turned once more towards the window. "Oh, and old man, here's a present for ya." She gave the sky a middle finger. "Rot in hell." She once more turned towards her glass of wine and drank peacefully.

All the while she was smiling and plotting…plotting the demise of Zephyr, Elite Angel of Heaven.

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