A/N: Wasn't thinking when I wrote this. Well I was...but not about what I was writing...let me know what you think. I'd like to make it into a song...

It was just one time

One time

And all it took to take everything away

It was just one dream

One dream

That we belonged together always

It was just one word

One word

That I always heard him say

It was just the truth

The only truth

I died without hearing him say

Maybe that time was a result of insecurity

Maybe that dream was telling me all my impurities

Maybe that word, just that one word

Was all I needed to know that deep inside

The truth was

He never loved me

Just lived to kill me

If for just one time

One time

You could take all away

And in a dream

My only dream

Realization hits me that you're going away

And that word

What was that word?

Just took me away…

But the truth

Had I known the truth

I wouldn't have stayed

And maybe if you weren't in my life


I'd still have my life today

Just a warning maybe

That no one was ever meant for me

Just a sound behind the door

That I shouldn't open it at all

Just a little rough in my mind

But still took just that one time

And love that's why

I'm not here to tell you this today

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