Nasty words, they stab the soul

Watching you I see no goal

You hurt the people that protect you

You stab the ones that defend you

You reasons are petty

Its attention you crave

Because I don't yield…

You begin to rave

It starts in steps

First you formulate a plot

Then you boil and gossip

With your lot

The ugly adjectives you brand me with

They hurt and deceive

Stop intentionally labeling me

I did nothing to deserve it

Except change and grow

Like a blooming flower parting from weeds

To accept the warming sun

Now, please, leave me be

There is no longer a 'we'

I want no part in the lies you spread

One day, I know, they will be your end

I'm sorry to tell you that

But it's my job-

Because there was a point

When I was your friend

And even that you can't rob me of…