True love shouldn't hurt like this.

When we talk about true love, it's so beautiful, so magical.

It's something we all wish we can have for ourselves.

But I rather die than to feel this True Love in my heart.

This True Love burns everything inside of me,

And causes so much pain to me.

I keep telling myself that she won't love me,

Even though I carry a True Love for her within my broken heart.

She doesn't want to know of it anymore,

And chooses to be with someone else, someone more 'Deserving'

'Deserving' of her love, 'Deserving' of her hand in marriage.

I keep wanting her Kiss, the only physical thing I crave.

I so badly need her Kiss, and so badly desire it.

Her soft red lips, pressed against mine,

Our tongues touch and we'd embrace.

But that Kiss is not for me to taste,

And her lips are not mine to feel. It's His.

And His alone. The man who stole her heart,

And left me dying inside with my True Love for her for company.

When you take away all the hope,

When all hope fails and leaves, What remains?

Only me, right here, right now, with my True Love for her

For company.