The huntress had been waiting for hours now in the same position. Several kunai, a Japanese throwing dagger of sorts, were jutting out between the spaces in the fingers of her clenched fist. Her one green eye was peering out over the ledge of the church as she waited for some lone soul to pass her. The huntress with the crimson hair had been waiting for so long now, originally set upon destroying a vampire, but it had simply taken far too long.

The need to kill was rising with every passing moment, burning away at any bit of conscience that had survived throughout the years. She was given in to her primal instincts, resorting to doing what that little voice in the back of her mind had always told her to do. If it's living, it was must die, or else your thirst remains!

Her tongue slid across her pearly white fangs as her good eye fell upon an small red Toyota, with the paint job mostly destroyed with the many years it'd been driven. Rose, the huntress, assumed it must be a hand-me down. Her green eye turned a blood red color as she continued to peer, getting a fairly bad, but good enough, look at the driver. It was a teenage-looking girl, and probably drunk.

The loud music coming forth from the vehicle caused Rose's sensitive ears to twitch against her bright red hair, and she gave a scoff. She didn't like when such a loud noise disturbed the peace of the veiled black nights. 'No, that noise must not remain,' she decided to herself, using an excuse to give in to those instincts. After all, she would be doing a good deed for the people sleeping, wouldn't she?

Rose nodded her head in agreement with herself, paying no mind to the cherry red strands of hair that fell and covered half her paled face. As soon as the Toyota drew close enough, the huntress sent the kunai swishing through the air. The weapons were laced each with a special dynamite, made to blow up on contact if given enough force. They assailed the front end of the already beat up vehicle, sending up a wall of bright orange that soared up against the black sky.

The small car swerved, letting out a massive screech and threatened to blow after the fire had begun. Rose was too fast to let such a thing happen before she got her prey, however. She backed up, running directly over the edge of the church. She twisted in air, much like a cat, and landed on her feet. Her body shook slightly, and she ignored the pains in her legs (far too used to such things by now), as she ran to the car.

The huntress threw open the door, pulling out the girl and spinning quickly into an alleyway before the dazed teen had a chance to recover from the shock of the explosion. The half-vampire pinned the girl against the brick wall using her legs, one on either side. She pressed herself against the girl, one hand going on either side of the girl's face as she gave a faint twisted smile. "You know, it's unfortunate how accidents like this can just happen to a person in the wrong place at the wrong time. You know, a girl your age shouldn't be out at three in the morning…You could get hurt! Typical American, however…"

Rose shook her head in mock disgust, causing her hair to shift slightly. Her faint English accent seeping through as she spoke through that maniacal grin. Her now red good eye traced over the frame of the girl she was pressing against. 'Skinny, blonde, smells of booze… skimpy outfit…Definitely a party-girl,' she thought to herself. She brought her gaze back to meet the girl. "And another thing, you shouldn't drink and drive, miss…Not to say I'm not opposed to getting a little alcohol in my system."

The girl was shaking, finally finding her voice as she peered into the only eye, a demonic red eye, that she could see. Her own green eyes wavered as her body shook beneath Rose's own leather-covered body. Rose just laughed, sensing the fear that radiated out of the girl's eyes. She simply rubbed her hand against the girl's cheek.

"Now now, calm yourself… I just saved you, didn't I?" Rose gave a mockingly false smile to the girl, showing her pearly-white fangs over the top of her bottom lip. The girl looked down and saw the fangs, not surprised. Lots of people had fake fangs these days, just a bunch of wannabe freaks. The girl's mind was putting up an excuse, and she figured that Rose must be one of those psychopaths that aren't to uncommon these days.

Rose simply continued to smile, sliding one hand down the front of the girl's body. Her hand slid down over one of the other's breasts, down to her navel, and still yet traveling upon it's course. The girl went to protest the action, but Rose merely held her a bit more firmly by pressing her tighter against he wall. Her voice came up in a gentle coo, that English accent still ever-present. "Now, now, missy. You shouldn't bother fighting me any. I'll do to you whatever I wish."

The continual stroke that came forth from Rose's hand was merely a manner of Rose showing her proof of dominancy. The girl managed a protesting whimper, staring up at Rose once more and thrashing slightly to no avail. The huntress' grin grew wider as she rubbed her cheek against the girl's, delivering a brief kiss to it before running her tongue up the girl's cheek until directly under her eye.

The girl shivered in a mix of disgust and fear at Rose's actions. The huntress ran her tongue once more over her fangs as she sent a hand up to grab a fistful of the brunette's hair. She yanked down, causing the girl to let out a shout at the pain, tilting her head with the force.
The huntress leaned in, letting her fangs press gently upon the girl's neck. She slowly let them sink in, thrusting a thumb into the girl's mouth and holding down her tongue. There'd be an ambulance arriving at the scene, and she could hear it, accompanied by fire trucks and other sirens, off in the distance. The were coming for the exploded car, and Rose knew she must acquire what she'd done all this for quickly.

She only let a trickle of the blood fall down across her lips, moving back slightly. Her conscience was begin to awaken itself once more, but after that first drop was swept up by her tongue there was no more ability to stop that screaming voice in the back of her mind of which kept her conscience silent.

Rose bit in harder, ripping out a chunk of flesh itself with the force of her teeth. She spit the flesh out as the girl cried and whimpered from beneath her. Rose didn't care at this point, sinking in her teeth and taking in as much blood as she could. Her damaged right eye began to glow from beneath it's thick blanket of hair, healing itself as it often did whenever she gave in to the primal thirst inside her.

The thick liquid was coarsing down her throat, but it caused her to shake as well. The satisfaction gained from the substance, laced with alcohol, was hardly compared to anything else. She could free the girl's heartbeat dying as the blood began to run slower and slower. The girl's face was growing pale, her eyes misting over in the calm of death.

Rose drew back her head, the sirens getting nearer. She dropped the dying girl onto the ground, running off into the silence of the night. Her red eyes faded back to green, and she could now see out of both. She began making her way back to camp, her conscience waking back up with every step.

Rose made her way to the forest's edge in no time, entering and heading for the small stream. She reached it quickly, her feet making almost no noise as she ran with astounding speed. Upon reaching the stream, she knelt onto her knees. Mud splashed upon her leather pants, dirtying the ends of her trenchcoat.

The huntress leaned to view her reflection in the water, watching the streams of the girl's blood drip down her face. She cast her hand into the water, making a ripple over what she considered not her own reflection, but rather that of a beast. She washed off her face, slumping back onto the grass and staring up at the foliage of the trees above her.

Rose shook her head, pulling what little of her hair was in a bun out and letting her hair fall onto the soft muddy grass. "Mea culpa, " she mumbled the apology, taking in a deep breath. Today just didn't go well.

I got bored, and though I don't like vampire stories... Rose is from another story of mine (not present on FP, for multiple reasons.) Rose was screaming at me to be used, and so I used her!

- Mea culpa is latin for "My Fault". From what I learned in school...Catholics say it after Hail Mary's sometimes if their elderly. However, that's not the case here. Rose just adores latin.

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