2 Testimony


You ever wonder what its like growing up in the raw

Never talking bout the things in the streets that you saw

Always wondering when you'r dreams will finally come to an end

And you wander where you'll end up then


Whose idea of home is a sturdy roof

When windows rattle and floor boards are all loose

Always longing for the safety they sell in stores

While you hide behind deadbolts and broken screen doors

How many lunches can you make with food stamps

And keep your kids off the street though they still dress like tramps


Would you be able to survive on minimum wages

And keep your daughters out of clubs dancing on stages

Would you drive around the hood on twenty twos

Or take in your brothers daughters and two nephews


Would you comprehend the plight of growing up in the hood

It takes more than one poem to make it understood

To comprehend the meaning of wanting to stay alive

Rent a place in the raw and survive


And there you'll see me

Standing on the corner just waiting for rain.

Hoping it would ease the pain

This is my testimony

help me to remember my dream

that's why I'm still here

Wishing I could change the past

but is it worth it now


Just where can I go from here

to the family I left to the thugs that don't care

Parole offices are waiting to hear

Of my next fall

hungry for me to end it all

Is that my legacy


What do you think of me

Small time hustler

Wishing I was someone more

A change of character

Couldn't even last the hour

Standing in my shoes

Who are you to change my views

Another missionary my mission vary from day to day

All i can do is pray that I am ahead of the gun

So when the bullets fly

I know that I'll be numbered as one

Who will be left alive

Seeking for her place in this world

My mothers youngest girl


All i need is one little chance

To bare my very soul

can you see by the pain of my stance

That I've fought wars

So many lives were lost

But for a greater cause

All I wish is my voice to be heard

And let the message sink

Do you know what it is that I think

We can do better


See me standing on the corner just waiting for rain.

Hoping it would ease the pain but will you stand with me

help me to remember my dreams

that's why I'm still here

Wishing I could change the world

but is it worth it now

somehow I know you understand why I do this

waiting for that sweet rain kiss to cleanse my very soul

wash away the filth from my life

so I can finally breathe

free me from the chains of this strife

this is the life I lead!