Emily sat up and glanced at her alarm clock. It was 7 A.M.

"What the- why did you wake me up so early?"

"You're going to school today, no if's or but's. Speaking of butts get yours up and get ready. We're leaving at 7:45."

"But Rich, they'll torture me! Eat me alive! Please don't make me go!"

"Get up. Now. You're going." Richard snapped at her.

Emily didn't even think to argue with him. That tone of voice was something she just didn't want to mess with. He got up off the edge of the bed and walked out of the room. Emily got up and began to get ready. She grabed a plain white shirt from her closet and a pair of light colored jeans off of the floor. She began to look for her dirty converse, which she bought at a thrift store last year. They still looked good despite a few muddy stains, they were fine. She found them under her bed, and pushed them on her feet. She then pulled a brush out of her dresser drawer, took her hair down from her ponytail, and began to brush her dark brown hair. Her hair was naturally straight so there was no creases in it. About that time Richard walked back in carrying a bowl of dry cereral.

"Here ya go. No milk sorry, just pretend there's milk in it." He said with a smile, but Emily knew he was annoyed because neither one of their parents had been grocery shopping in over two weeks.
"Hey I hardly ever see your hair down, it looks really nice. You should wear it that way today."

Emily took a bite of her cereal and almost choked.
"You're kidding right? Psh, my hair does not look nice." With that she pulled her hair back into a ponytail in one shift move.

Richard took the bowl of cereal out of her hand and placed it on her nightstand. He then grabed her shoulders and pulled her towards the mirror.

"You are beautiful Emily, just because your stupid classmates say you're not, it doesn't make it true! They're insecure!"

Richard removed the ponytail holder out of her hair. Emily looked deep into the mirror, she was shocked that Rich was saying this. What was he seeing that she wasn't? She looked straight into her eyes. Her reflection smiled a evil smile. Emily wasn't smiling though. She instantly jumped back. She ended up knocking Rich into the floor. Thats when she heard,

"If you want a guy like him, don't be such a slut. Jeeze you just realize you have feelings for him and you're already all over him."

The reflection began to laugh, then disapeared. Emily didn't know what to do.

"Earth to Emily" Richard waved a hand in Emily's face." You okay?"

"Yeah-yeah I'm fine. Did you happen to hear that?"

"Hear what?" Richard had a confused look on his face.

"Nothing, it was nothing" Emily shook her head to try to clear her mind. She was just seeing things. No big you get off of me then?"

Emily began to blush.

"Oh yeah sorry."

"Finish getting ready, and leave your hair down."

"Ok-kay" Emily was still a bit shocked.

Richard walked out of the door, and Emily instantly looked in the mirror.

"Why are you doing this to me? I told you not to come out when he's around! And I do not like him."

"I can hear you think, and I see everything you do. I know you better than anyone in the world, including you. I know what I saw, you are so into him. Actully I'm surprised I would have never thought you would go after someone like him. I always figured you would go for the nerdy type. I guess Rich is sweet enough?"

"Just shut up!" Her voice sounded far away so Emily knew Karen was back where she belonged.

Karen was Emily's friend at times when she wasn't in a bad mood. Karen began to talk to Emily when she was four years old. Karen told Emily she was special. She told her she was the only one who could hear her. Karen also told her to keep it a secret or they would seprate them, and do bad things to them. Emily always believed her, so she never spoke a word of they're twisted friendship.

"Don't tell me what to do you stupid little bitch! I'm just trying to get you to realize what your feeling, but since you're being such a little slut, I'm leaving! Bye you stupid fucking bitch."

"FINE!" Emily instantly felt bad for pushing Karen away. She need Karen, or she would be all alone at school.

The door instantly swung open and Richard walked in with a concerned look on his face.

"Who the hell are you yelling at?"

"Uh...m-myself because I look like shit and uh I never know what toy wear so uh I got pissed at myself for being such a uh...bitch?"

Richard looked her up and down, sighed, and stepped out of her door again. She heard him yell "We're leaving in 10 minutes so hurry up and stop being so hard on yourself." She heard Karen grunt in the back of her mind. Emily rolled her eyes, and turned off her lamp. She walked out of her room and walked into the kitchen where Rich was waiting.

"You ready?" Richard asked before grabing his backpack.

"Shit, I forgot my backpack, I'll be right back."

She began to walk down the hall to her room when all of a sudden she heard Karen laughing loud in the back of her mind.

"Your already fucking up and its only 7. HA! Have a great day at school sweetie." Karens voice was drenched in sarcasm.

Emily took her backpack out of her closet and mumbled "Whatever" before she put on her pack. Emily knew Karen was right, this was going to be a very long day. She would never make it without Karen. Who was she supposed to talk to at lunch? Her and Rich had too different lunch hours.

"Hurry up Emily! Were going yo miss the bus!"

Emily rushed into the kitchen.

"Okay lets go." Richard had a hint of excitment in his voice. He was really glad Emily was going back to school.

As they began to walk towards the bus stop, Rich wrapped his arm around her shoulder and whispered "Lighten up a bit." into her ear. He noticed this made her stiffen up even more so he untangled his arm from around her.

When they finally reached the stop, they heard the kids snickering. Usually they would make fun of Emily to her face but they were all deathly afraid of Richard. They all knew that he could beat the shit out of all of them at one time. They also knew he loved his little sister very much. They didn't dare say anything to Emily when he was there.

The bus arrived and the students all shuffled in.

"Wecome back Emily. Its been what, two weeks now?" Mrs.Luff, Emily's math teacher, asked.

"Actully its been 17 days..."

"Riiiight. Don't miss again, or you will fail my class." Mrs.Luff never really liked Emily, even though Emily was the smartest one in her class when she was there.

Emily quickly took her seat and began to get her stuff ready for class. She then seen him walk in. He was goregous. Plain and simple. He had hair a little bit passed his ear lobes. It was dyed black and he had clear blue eyes. He was about 6'2 and he was dressed in all black with a hint of eyeliner. He was a God in her eyes. She only seen long white shirts, baggy black jeans, and boxers at her school. You know, the whole ghetto look. Not that she had anything aganist it, but she just really wasn't into it. He walked right up to her and began to speak,

"You're in my seat, you new or something?"

"Oh, um, no been here for the past two years, I just have sorta been at home for a while."

"Oh. Nice shoes by the way...So I guess I sit over there then, my mistake."

He pointed to the desk beside her. CRAP! She would never get anything done with him sitting right beside her. This day is really starting to suck.

"Hey, I never caught your name."

"Its Emily, whats yours?"

" Gabe. Gabe Daniels. Most of my friends call me G.D."

"Thats like God-"

"I know." He smirked at Emily's tone.


"So what kind of music-"

"Excuse me Gabe and Emily could I please begin class now?"

The whole class began to laugh and make comments. Emily heard one guy say,

"Hey dawg, the two freaks are talkin'!"

Emily sunk lower into her seat, she glanced over at Gabe. He only smirked and mouthed "I'm used to it."

"So how was school?"

"Its was okay, I met a new friend."

"Awesome" Richard yawned.

"Go to bed already! I'll tell you all about it tommorrow. There's no school tomorrow! No work! We'll have pelenty of time to talk."

Rich nodded, kissed her cheek, said good night, and left. Emily was tired too. She quickly drifted into a deep sleep."

In the chill of the night
I can feel my heart racing
As I run towards the light
that seems so far away
Wondering forever
In the darkest of shadows
Wondering if I will ever see you again

"Come out Emily where ever you are..."

Wondering if I will ever see you again

I'll take your love
(I'll take your love)
I'll take your hate
(take your hate)
I'll take you're desire

"Karen please stop."

I'll take the world
when it turns on you
(when it turns on you)
I'll set it on fire

W-the-w-th-th-the walking dead
The walking dead (walking dead)

"He must know!"

Digging in the dirt
I can feel you getting closer
Steadying my hands through the blistering pain
Anxiously awaiting for the earth to reveal you
Wondering if I will ever see you again (see you again)

Wondering if I will ever see you again

"This music is scaring me Karen, please stop. You're scaring me!"

I'll bring you to life

I'll take your love
(I'll take your love)
I'll take your hate
(take your hate)
I'll take you're desire

I'll take the world
when it turns on you
(it turns on you)

"Why? This song is about you and me! Hahahaha!"

W-the-w-th-th-the walking dead

I'll take your love
(I'll take your love)
I'll take your hate
(take your hate)
I'll take you're desire

I'll take your heart
I'll take your pain
(I'll take your pain)

I'll bring you to life


There is no such thing as death...there is only change. Change.

"Can you change Emily?"

A/N Okay the song is by DJ Z-Trip and by Chester of Linkin Park its called "walking dead" ! That song is scurry...I WUV IT! okies thanks for my two reviewers you freaking rock! I hope everyone liked this chapter!

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