The afterlife was bad, real bad, not the type of bad like a school where no one is friendly or the type of bad where mommy and daddy don't hug you enough. No the afterlife was a special type of torment, pain and loss the utter grey void of other tormented souls looking to tear you apart. But she was not in the afterlife she was still alive. She had pulled me back, like a chain that fettered me to the world of the living, tearing my soul from the ether of the void to the comfort of suffering with a name.

Here I was the monster not the prey for the first time in my new state of existence, it a weird way I am rather enjoying it, I'm sure that if I had blood it would be pumping. Here I was the hunter, and my prey was mine before I had even begun the chase.

And I followed her, silent for now; she was perfect she really was. There was something about her the way she walked, pumping her fine tuned legs, moving her heart shaped butt, the way she held herself, like royalty. She was so perfect that I could see her through the grey haze of death, shining like an angel, and she was an angel. She was my savior, and my prey what an odd dual nature.

Yet they were still here, the curse of my sins, the worms writhing and putrid inside my stomach. The worms were eating my spirit, coursing their way through my body, mainly in the cavity of what once was my stomach, leaving trails of slime and corpus. The worms that filled up the hollow pits of my eyes and spilled onto my cheeks as I tried to find rest, they had followed me from the world of the dead.

I never told her I loved in her in life, but I am sure she knew. And now here I was in death, the literal and metaphorical monster, the worm filled wraith. I was hoping that maybe she could love me, like we never did in life. Maybe should could help me resolve all my mistakes, maybe she could stop the worms.

I walked, but the steady pace of my feet left no footsteps. I made no sound, when I touched the wall of the buildings they did not notice the grey pieces of my aura that clung to their jagged bricks, but I was not here for the houses. I was here to be reunited with Sarah, and that is all that really mattered. I would touch her, and she would bring me back to life, or I would pull her to death. We would rid me of these worms together, they would cease their feast on my essence and we could spend eternity together.

I was forgotten, unclean, worm filled, but she would remember me, purify me, I would be unfettered by my lost life. I just needed to follow her until she noticed me.

But until then anticipation was enough the worms would wait.

I would be her literal land metaphorical Hades and she would be literal and metaphorical Persephone. Yes, notice me like you never did in life Sarah, notice me for all the love filled looks I gave you, for all the nights I spent sighing your name onto my pillow. The worms squirmed in glee at the angst of my remembrance. If she would just remember me…

She turned around nervous, she had felt me thinking of her, her breathing was quickening. She was very nervous I could see it in her almost tangible aura.


I backed into the shadows.

"Sarah!!" I called filled with joy and desperation, "Sarah it has been so long since I've seen you. You helped me survive, I would not be without you Sarah, please say you remember me."

She was scared, I would be scared if I was in her situation, but she hadn't seen me just yet so maybe she wouldn't flee.

"Who are you?" She demanded panic betraying the force of her demand.

"I would tell you but the worms made me forget, I can remember you. It was a closed casket visitation, the infection had eaten away at me no one wanted to see me, but I could see you mourn, through the lid of the damnable box, your aura shown through."

I watched from the corner I was behind she was paralyzed with fear, but I wanted her to see my love.

"Jason? Jason is that you? Your dead."

I paused then slowly moved towards her, "Jason, the name seems foreign to my ears and lips, after death I have had no name, don't be scared I came back because of you."

She stopped completely I could even hear heart racing; I could even hear the adrenaline pumping through her veins.
"I came back to tell you I love you, that I want you to be with me. We can beat death Sarah."

The worms giggled within my throat, they knew it was all a lie, an obsession a lust. It was just a dream, and all dreams were lies.

The fear in her was overwhelming her, she truly was the prey it was quite visible in her eyes. "What happened to you Jason?" she asked.

The worms inside of me laughed manically I couldn't hold it back, the worm filled bile rushed from my mouth splattering onto the ground, then crawled off leaving grey streaks on the ground. I wiped my mouth and looked up with sorrow form my empty eye sockets.

"I've been to hell Sarah, but I have come back and I want you to be with me and, and we will transcend. See your concern has already driven away a few worms. Join me, purify me."

She looked at me startled, and then ran way her footsteps echoing down the dark street.

"Don't leave me Sarah." I cried out. I followed her the worms pounding my throat pounding at my brain. She had to be mine.

"Don't leave me Sarah I want to be unfettered."
She looked back like a trapped animal fear and affection splayed across her face.

"You're not Jason!! You are just a monster!" She screamed, running faster my love running from me. And I felt the rage build up; and the worms whispered dirty things to me. My aura became more intense furious unlike before growing in strength and density.

"DON'T RUN AWAY SARAH!!"I screamed.

She paid me no heed, and the worms cackled inside my bowels. Then it happened, all my rage exploded and the worms began to grow and I knew it was overtaking me.

My previously gray and wispy essence pushed out in a titanic force, like the tentacles of an octopus.

I wanted to force her to come with me, my outrage pushed her. She was caught by my essence thrusting her into the air. She screamed in shock in agony as her head was rammed forcefully into the side of a nearby dumpster. Blood spewing out of her collapsed skull in fountains, but she had to suffer for her to be happy again. The worms knew I was lying to myself.
I moved towards her corpse as her soul left it. I wrapped my arms around it, catching her spirit; I would pull her down with me.

As soon as I took hold of her the chains that bound me to the after life pulled taught dragging me down. But I had her, she was mine and the worms knew it no matter how feverishly they consumed my insides.

Now I am back in the vortex of chaos with the sinners chewing at me, but I have her precious spirit held close to me. Not until the worms chew threw my arms will I ever let her go.

She's mine.