Chris got back to his home, after another painful bus ride back.

He plopped down on his couch setting the candy on the cushion next to him.

No matter how he argued with himself the depression kept lingering into his soul clutching at him.

He light himself a cheap cigar and smoked it thoughtfully.

He was truly alone, not even people waiting in the grocery line cared for his presence.

He thought bout how insignificant he was, and how whatever bastard created him was probably laughing.

Things will pick up at Halloween he thought, they have to.

He snubbed out his cigar and fell asleep on the couch, waiting for Halloween.

Halloween came and went, Chris had waited by the window bowl of candy ready.

But all of the little spooks and fiends passed him by.

Rejection clutched and tore at him, and Chris felt dead.

About 12:00 clock he knew no one was going to show.

He remained at the door though lighting himself a cheap cigar.

Suddenly he could take it no more anger filled the cavity loneliness had made.

He beat his face against the wall, struck himself with his fist and tore off his nice button up shirt and burnt himself over and over again with his cigar.

He stomped angrily over to the bowls of candy and tossed them through the window sending glass and candy into his unkept lawn.

"Take some next year fuckers!!" He shouted to no one in particular.

No one answered.

Chris spent the next few days skulking around his house throwing and wreaking stuff, but doing nothing in particular.

In his depression he hadn't even noticed that things were breaking without him inciting them to do so, or the strange clicks, and barks sounding through out the house every so often.
He did notice however when one of the sources of these noises approached him face to face.

Chris was sitting on his couch when the small brown reptilian creature opposed him; the creature was about three feet tall and stood upright.

Chris recoiled from it, sliding further up his sofa.

"What the hell are you?" He screamed.

The creature barked and approached him further, more of the creatures entered the room, barking, growling, and clucking over him like crazed mothers.

Chris kept curling further and further into himself, but he found the creatures advanced on him anyway.

Soon the creatures were grappling with him and pulling him off his sofa, not too much later the creatures were carrying an unconscious Chris into his basement.