"Give you greeting, O my daughters,
You whose race is just begun."
You who know the song already:
"You shall well and truly run!"
Thus assembly drags and dirges
Early morning every week;
Filled with flu or pounding headache,
Mumbling lyrics half asleep.

"You shall carry still in memory"
All the gruelling minutes sat.
Through a prayer and solemn stillness
You may yearn to spoil and chat.
But for dignity as people,
All things have their time and place:
Should we honour blissful silence
Or continue, brazen-faced?

"You shall go forth", O my teachers,
"Eager-hearted, unafraid."
"Not through life to be defeated,
Holding on still undismayed."
"And the victory shall leave you"
More sadistic that it's won,
And the long day's drudge shall find you
More the feverish that it's done.

"I have shown to you the vision;
I have lit for you the flame."
On this rocky road to future
Life is harder day by day.
Save the sanity of teachers;
Pray the prayer and sing the song.
Save the hassle and the clamour;
Earn the farewell call "Well Done!"