Unknowingly, yet with precision,

You slash the deepest part of me.

The words you speak sound like derision,

To me in my despondency.

I'm hurting, but you'll never know,

The pain I have interred,

And even if my anguish grows,

My sighs will not be heard.

I'm troubled by your negligence,

Yet you are unaware,

Thus I walk on in sufferance,

My sorrow undeclared.

Still I hope for your return,

Be it soon or late,

And though my heart with aching burns,

In patient tears, I wait.

Author's Note: What I wanted to convey with this piece was that you should be very careful not to neglect your friends, you have no idea how long they will wait for you. I hope I did an ok job of it. Reviews are very much appreciated.