A Most Dire Postcard Poem

At first I thought I couldn't write this poem
What rhymes with poem? Phloem.
Phloem – a transport vessel in all plants.
Changing the topic to this holiday (this time not in France),
There is a new adventure every day.
Universal Studios, Laguna Beach, Fashion Island,
We've been everywhere, but not up highland.
Walking for miles and miles in the heat
And arriving home/at the hotel to find we have stinking feet,
Has joy hidden in all that muscle pain.
Yet here we are near Hollywood in all our fame;
(Or lack of) Mama purchases clothes and maps,
Oly runs (or forgets to run) laps
Around the lake situated in the park.
That's all there is to it.
I am beginning to get pathetically desperate
With my rhymes. How irate.