A/N: Inspired by yesterday's events while my boyfriend, Rob, was visitng--I really did end up going home to Hamilton with him and getting lost on the Toronto subway system after transferring at Union Station...this was after taking the GoBus from Aldershot GoStation. By the time I got in, it was very early this morning, actually--around 2:30am. Quite an interesting journey, to say the least!

Train Track Dreams

So tired last night on the train

I can't believe I nearly missed that last bus-

And you were ready to drive me home

A long journey only made longer cause I

Took the wrong direction at Union Station

And wound up lost

An extra hour and a half of traveling time;

Quite literally sleeping-awake-

To finally get back to the places I know

The city is interesting at two in the morning,

When all you've got is a bag and memories of the day-

It's the little things that make you laugh

You whispered,

"Come home with me"

And I readily agreed

Running back upstairs,

Only grabbing 'a few things':

Coming back with rollerblades, CDs, and bag

One hand free to hold yours;

The other hand dialing a number,

Almost ready to escape

Hand you the keys and ten minutes later

You've run upstairs cause we've forgotten…

One final check as the engine turns over

Blasting Blink-182 as we get stuck in traffic:

Singing softly to 'Hear You Me' by Jimmy Eat World,

And you are silent—just listening

Sound dies and you speak-

"You've got a beautiful voice",

I am now the one left in stunned silence

For someone so shy about singing in public

You will never have any idea how you affected me

Five words in sincerity meant so much

And I'm seeing you in a different light

It's the little things that add up

And remind me that you are truly

The only one for me