Endless morbid journal

Nameless herbal tea

Dream catcher sways left and right

Trying to repress

What comes

When I close my eyes

Now I lay me down to sleep

Sadistic smile

"I missed you."

Clinging to my pillow

I beg my dazing eyes

Not to let you have me

Fighting a motionless fight

I pray my soul is mine to keep

"I won't hurt you…"

Hiding behind a closet door

Three breaths per minute

"Did you miss me too?"

Endless screaming

Eyes forced shut

Guard me while I sleep tonight

Silver steak knife

Carving sadistic calligraphy

Retracing open wounds

Carved by your memory

"It's not like I meant to."

Lulling me through dementia

And wake me safe at dawn's first light

Push the limits

Of forced immunity

Laughing through every price

I pay for being attractive in your eyes

Sleeping or waking

Never escaping

If I should die before I wake

Someone will inform you

And you'll sigh angrily

Laugh, as you always do

Find a new experiment

And you'll never remember me

A dispensable toy

I pray the Lord my soul to take

Dreams don't kill

But watching you, wide awake

Recalling what I saw

In surreal dimensions

Unknown to you

Just might