A dedication to the anger that lives forever.

He will never die, it can only fade.

Living in the land of never,

A place where debts are never paid.

A simple glimpse of hidden secrets,

He tries to look away.

A sudden rush of all his regrets,

And a price they made him pay.

Another waiting inside

Of a head with room for one.

The two of them reside,

One for love and one for fun.

They made a deal

To work together,

To make it real,

Easy to forget her.

But what happens when they slip?

They take a sudden fall.

Now he can't keep grip,

Losing hold of it all.

One has failed,

A short lived fight.

One is jailed,

One of them was right.

The one for fun raises his hand,

He now may have his say.

Alone he is left to strongly stand,

Until loneliness has its way…