Vague 6: Hate You

I hate you. I hate what you do to me. For once when I actually believed I can have something I want, you instantly deprive me from it. Fuck you. Fuck all of you.

I've given you many chances. I stored all my hate for myself. The times I could have hated you, I didn't. The time I could have screamed at your face, I didn't. What did I do? WHAT did I do?

I patiently stood in my corner with sealed lips, and tolerated every single way you tried to control me.

That, I did for your sake. It was not like me to speak against you or the many rules you've set for me.
I shut my fucking mouth.
I shut my fucking life.
I shut every single part of myself from you.
And now, you know what? I'll shut myself even more.
When I'm not supposed to do something, don't worry, I'll still do it. I'll still go against you. I'll still remain your troublesome daughter and your god damn mother fucking burden.


Why? Well because I hate you. All of you.

So go ahead and say you can't do this, you can't do that. You honestly think I'll listen.
For once in my fucked up life, maybe I can go against you.
Maybe I CAN do what I want.
Maybe I CAN make faces at your messed up, controlling selves.
Maybe. Maybe. Just maybe.

My hate burns with a passion. If you think I'm bluffing then try me. Try restricting me from my fun in life. Try changing the plan of my minutes in my cellphone.
Go ahead and fucking try me.

In one way or another, it doesn't matter. I will hate you.

I hope Satan finds you and gives you the same amount of hell you've given me.

I fucking hate you.