My hollow yesterday
Dried blood upon the altar of innocence
I behold a skeleton house

The maw of the creature gapes wide
Promising to digest what's little is left of my childhood innocence
Broken shutters crash merrily against the windows
It blinks, recognizing me for the first time since that day long ago
The wind elicits a low moan from the creature as I grow nearer

Bones creak loudly under my feet as I slowly make my way up the front stairs
Seems like we always have to make a climb before we can fall
Only three steps
Your climb wasn't even that much
But your fall left a crater in everyone's hearts miles wide

The floor is littered with broken glass
Without protection my soul wanders barefoot
It crunches and sticks underfoot, mixing with dust
I leave a trail of sticky, bloody footprints
Just like you used to do
When you walked all over our hearts

I took mom and left
Left you to rot all alone here

And rot you did
Your heart more barren than this skeleton house
The monster you turned it into

We became afraid
Afraid of living in terror for the next outbreak
Your anger like a disease infecting us even as we suffered
Dragging us down with you in your fall from what little grace you once had
A home turned into something dead and evil
A place of meaningless punishments
Your "love" betrayed us

All is kindling now
In this place of dust and trash and memories
Life was stripped from this house like flesh from a corpse

And you sit alone
The only friend you ever had lays broken on the floor
The label faded and torn
Just like you were back then
Just like you are now
Only this time your outside reflects what was once inside
You dried out husk of a person
You grisly corpse of a father

I pause a moment, and just like before, you remain dead

No one even loved you enough to bury you
I guess your bottles couldn't do that for you
I sure as Hell won't

I battle my way out of that place of oppression
Letting the gas spill out of the can as I walk
I clear the stench of decay from my nose
Replacing it with the sickle sharp sting of fuel
Past time to turn this place into nothing more than the ghost it is

I wipe off my feet and pick the glass out of my soul
I strike a match and touch it to the ground
Watch the stream of anger stumble drunkenly into the house
Watch it tear up the floor, slam into tables and chairs
Watch it rip apart the house
Then watch as it consumes you

A funeral pyre licks at the cold night sky
The beast lets out one last crackling bellow
As it collapses in upon itself
A fitting end to my wasted childhood dreams
Wasted on trying to love a walking corpse
Hoping it would come back to life

3:40 am