Love, for me, has never come easily. In fact, most people avoid me. I have a few close friends, most of whom are girls, but most of the time we hang out at my house because it's harder for me to get away from anywhere but there. Sometimes we go to the mall, but that gets confusing because someone has to be with me at all times.

Boys stay away from me. My parents tell me that I'm pretty, but I'll never really know if it's true or not. I'll never know how to judge whether I'm pretty or not, either. Even if I am as "gorgeous" as my parents tell me, never once has a boy asked me out or even gotten into a real conversation with me. Of course, everyone at school knows who I am and my story anyway, so there's no need to ask me about it. If anyone really wants to know my history, they usually ask one of my friends, fearing that I will be angry if they talk to me about it.

Actually, I'm quite the opposite. I wish someone would talk to me about it, other than my parents. None of the kids at school really understand what I go through, and sometimes, on those few occasions that I do have contact with people other than my closest friends, I am laughed at. I wish I could talk to them, explain to them how I feel and what it's like to be the way I am. But everyone's afraid of me. Well….maybe not afraid of me exactly, but afraid of what I lack.

Perhaps it's because it's abnormal. I mean, not everyone is in the same condition as I, right? There's no one else in the school like me. So maybe they're afraid because I'm different.

Teachers are usually pretty kind to me, but every once and again I'll get one that thinks that just because I'm missing something that almost everyone else has I'm not as intelligent or human as everyone else. Those are the worst of times, because they seem to believe I need extra, simpler explanations of the lessons or different cirriculum. Sometimes I do, but most of the time I don't. I have my own world, and my mind has adjusted to the fact that I'm missing something, and now I can work very well without it. Math is sometimes difficult, but I usually get a little extra help and I do great.

My name is Theresa, and I have been blind since birth.


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