A/N: Umm...This is my new story, 'I once was a Guy'. It's going to get very mature in situations, so I would like mature audiences. And you can't say I didn't warn you. But it's not going to be too mature, if you get my drift. But it does include a cast of teenage boys, so you can guess what the situations are gonna be like. And if something needs changing (I need some guys' perspectives on this story so that I can get a lot of things close to reality.) please tell me. I'm hoping both girls and guys can like this. Then again, who knows? Here's the first chapter, enjoy!

Boys. They're trouble with a capital T. I guess that's what drove me to the park. I had just found out my crush had a girlfriend. My heart was crushed. I decided that I was threw with boys forever. Maybe it would be easier if I was a guy. The Washington Park was just the place to go.

I sighed as I sat down on a bench, my backpack right beside me. It had to be the cutest backpack ever. A pink Jansport with a few adjustments. My name, Kristina, was written on one of the black straps in pink paint. On the other strap was my nickname, Panda. Many key chains hung from the zippers. One of Pikachu, a dolphin, a puppy, an elephant, and a turtle. I treasured those key chains.

I looked over to the fountain in front of me. Coins of all kinds were at the bottom, some were pennies, and some were even coins from other countries. I dug in my pocket. A quarter. I pulled it out, time to make my wish. I wish my boy troubles would be over. I said in my head, then tossed the coin into the fountain.

Beep. It was my alarm on my cell phone. Time to get home. I stood up, put on my backpack, and started home for supper and a good night's rest.

"Time for today's weather. Partly cloudy with a fifty percent chance of thunderstorms-" My turned off my alarm. Why did the news always have to come on when my alarm went off? I turned away from the clock, not caring that it was time to get up. I closed my eyes, but something felt different. Something I couldn't explain…at least then anyway. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom.

When I got there I pulled down my pants; ready to relieve myself when I looked down. That's what was wrong. Sweet Lord, that was what was wrong. I stared for maybe two minutes, and then delayed reaction took place. I screamed. But it wasn't my voice that came out. It was a lower, more boy-like.

"Mom! Dad!" I yelled as I ran downstairs. My parents were in their usual spots, staring at the TV.

"What is it honey?" Mom said without looking away from the screen. "Do you have a cold? Your voice sounds different."

"I'm a guy!" I yelled at her, almost sobbing.

"What?" She turned around and stared at her 'daughter'.

"Good God…" Dad said, staring at me.

"I'm a guy! I'm a guy! I'm a guy!" I kept yelling.

"You sure are." Dad said, staring. Mom was speechless.

"What do I do? What do I do?" I started to pace. How could I live like this? How did this happen? Why? Then a thought occurred to me. My wish, at the fountain. Had it mistook my plea as a gender change? Maybe it thought that if I were a guy then my boy troubles would be over.

"We can't tell anyone, that's for sure. The government would haul you away and test you. Or they might just think we're loony and send us all off to mental hospitals. Either way, we lose." Dad said, Mom still just staring.

"You also can't go to school. At least not for a few days. I'll just call and tell them we'll be on a trip for awhile and you're coming. Then we can enroll you as a new student. Sound okay?"

"Sure, but I'm going to need to new clothes, new attitude, new shoes, new everything. I'll even need…" I shuddered here, "Boxers."

"And you'll need a haircut." Mom came to life again, and was staring at my long, blond hair.

"No!" I screamed, holding on to my head as if it would help. "I've been growing it out for years! And it still only reaches my mid back! No!"

"Yes! You want to fit in, don't you? Besides, the school won't let you have that long of hair." Mom said, calmly.

"Okay, but you have to get me extensions when I turn back into a girl."

"If you turn back into a girl." Dad said, a wicked smile on his face.

"Don't say that." I turned away.

"We'll have to dress you in your dad's old things so that you'll at least look like a guy." Mom said and hurried out of the room.

Snip. Snip. Snip. It was a rainfall of my precious blond locks around me. And the lady who was cutting my hair just kept on and on about how long it was.

"I've never seen such long hair! And it's glossy too! You must shampoo it a lot. And condition it! And-" That's when I tuned her out. No more. Please, no more!

"You're done!" She said after about two hours of sitting there. She spun the chair around so I could look at my new hair cut.

I gazed in amazement. Not to brag or anything, but I make a pretty cute guy. Not cute as in puppy dog cute, cute as in…well, I was pretty hot.

"Do you like it?" The woman asked me.

"It's…it's…adora-" But I stopped there. I had to speak like a guy, not a girl. And guys don't say adorable. "It's awesome!" I said instead, not wanting people thinking I was gay or something. Mom walked over to us.

"You look adorable honey!" She said my word. It's okay for her to use it though. "Now, let's go get you some new clothes." Good thing I got my hair cut at the mall. I wouldn't have to ride in the car. It was also a good thing that today was Thursday, and all my classmates would be at school.

I selected a skater shop; all of my new things could be bought there. Hopefully. I found Etnies, probably the coolest skater shoe. Maybe not, but a lot of guys wore them so that's what I bought. I also bought a few shirts with the Etnies logo on it, Bam, and Element. And a new backpack, not as cute, but I guess it'll do. Mom made me buy new jeans, and I made her buy me a new belt to hold them up with.

When we got home I went straight to bed, not caring for supper. All I wanted was dreams, dreams aren't reality. I love dreams; they could take me away from this nightmare and put in another one. One where I'm a girl. That would be sweet bliss.