Original Date: 4-17-2005


The last time I saw her eyes lay on mine, he thought,
"One man's prong, another's wrong"!
Such was the state of summarily being recalled into action by my soul;
"That's it isn't it, thievery with variations?"
Never challenge the axiom, do not answer the riddle, and become consumed in the
conundrum of the fir tree.
She had nothing left to say, yet she remained so eloquent, content and complete. The
sun still rose just above the lilies, surrounded by thorn bushes and barren land.

"Have the facts dulled your memory? Nothing, you remember nothing at all?"
Now, the exasperating moments followed by her chiding smile were irrespective of time.
"My love, it is an interesting tale, some of which is even true."
How could she frame it as such when I loved her so, so devoutly?
—she loved me not…
"We both have something in common: we shan't be trusted by others,
especially ourselves."
May be the matter seemed carnal and limited to the mast. Thus, a response
acknowledging higher truths was warranted.
"Well, tis all the more reason to admit to ones beauty when in
comparison with the evanescent, as being an equated sin!"
A lesser mortal had apparently achieved what no one could—
disturbing a celestial to her penny grave,
like a sea-gull gnawing on the ribs of a whale…

In vain remain high-handed words when trying to convey what is all the more simple.
As goes the tale, the mali once more pieced together his shadowy world,
remaining spiritual in practice and conviction.
His last words,
"Forgive me, I never got to say what I truly felt. I have always loved you more than
I could myself, my soul—my everything. My rainy days have concluded,
I've only come to love you more"…

>>>>>>>>>>>Written while in college (UGA)>>>>>>>>>>>>>