I lift the mask,
unworthy face
Take a look,
underneath the base

Isn't it a wonder,
one lives lies
With days fullfilled,
to shameful cries.

To sleep in dreams
Living nightmares,
To wake in truth
Dying to dare,

Dear masked stranger
It walks in disguise,
By what name it goes as
Is hidden just by lies.

Only one has lift the curse
A simple human, a simple turn
With light brown eyes
It recognize,
Beneath the lie
Under the mask,
Through It's heart
And relieve It fast,

His drug-like spell
Unlike others
Pulled her mask
and showed the blunder.

Dear Masked Stranger
What is your name?
Why lie to me?
Why be ashamed?
You special stranger
Do cease this hurt,
I'll give you my hand
if you give me your heart.