They are wilting,
But there are ribbons. and yellow and blue

They need water,
But they have a ceramic home.
...with Mickey Mouse on it too

They are dying,
But there is a card.
...Happy Birthday to you

Their browning leaves should absorb
Your love of liquid gold.
Instead, they recoil from it,
And because of this
They lose their tenuous grip on life.

When I look at their dismal state,
I do not view their failing foliage.
I see only my failing heart.

When I observe their browning petals,
I do not notice their rejection of water.
I see only my rejection of love.

When I view their flaccid limbs,
I do not detect their dismissal of life.
I see only my dismissal of those I treasure most.

Their browning petals belie the wish.
Their crumbling leaves mock the love.
And I want to reach out
So I can fling them away.