Sometimes I dream.

Sometimes I dream that my face is clean and fresh,

so my skin is smooth.

I dream the I am never nervous,

and my hands are relaxed and never sweaty.

I dream that my eyes are new and undamaged,

and I can see things just that much clearer.

I dream that I am less afraid of my feelings,

so I can tell people the way I truly feel for them.

I dream that I am more confident in myself,

and I that I am not afraid to find out what people think of me.


I dream I am an artist,

simply trying to find inspiration.


I am the conductor of an orchestra,

hearing the beautiful sounds imagined only in my mind.


I am a simple man,

living a life alone and unknown to the world.


I am a man devoted to love,

standing alongside the one person who brings meaning to my days.


I am the person I wish I could be,

who can live a life exactly the way I've always wanted.

And then,

I will wake up,

And I will be the way I was the night before.

...And that's okay, too.