And out of the darkness
his hand
it reached for me
in a soft and simple way
dare I touch it?
Dare I take the chance?
The hand looks so soft,
yet rough, a comfortable thing
I cannot stop myself
what if he takes me deeper
into the darkness?
But no...
I have no other choice
than to take his hand
give in, give in
grasp it hard, eyes closed tight
it's comforting
I feel content
this hand now leads
to a connected body
that is holding me so dear
I never want to leave this place
grow and gather courage
let my eyes open slowly
I see-
I see your face
you're smiling right at me
so strong and knowing
let me hold you tighter
but now that I have seen this happiness
I cannot keep it-
it flees
and your face,
it fades from view
and once again I fall to darkness