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Drops of memories and ashes,

He turns the lock sideways to open the door,

That door is shut, still he tries it.

No one to listen; only hurtful words seem to linger.

No one to open it, only himself locked in his guilt.

Eyes wide open still not able to see.

All she ever wanted was more than he gives.

A dark stray of green hair, crosses his forehead and covers a bruise, wounded memories that won't return.

Reflections so cold in a mirror that had been broke.

Ashes reflecting actions that no one but him was able to do.

He mourns her presence with his shallow words clenched tight to ears… and still no one is able to hear.

The lost he grieved she wrote it with 'u'… recalling all of his troubles were because of her lust.

His heart bumping and racing as fast as it could. Pieces of a red muscle she torn into dust.

Hands are so numb trying to hold onto things that would never return… still he hopes for more, knowing everything she gave now has turn to ashes and to dust.