Authors note: I wrote this when I was meant to be doing school work. Hehe. Certain words sprung to mind - they sort of just flowed. As for putting the words together, to make sense, well that took a few tries!
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Let me tell you a story...

I was once a happy girl, you know?
I never frowned or put people down,
I was as happy as can be.
Then you came along,
And my happiness died within me.

This is what you've done.

You've made me feel not good enough.
You've made me hate myself.
The scars all over my body,
This is what you have done.
I look in the mirror,
And I'm disgusted with what I see.
Your words have haunted me/
Because every time I see myself,
There's always something wrong with me...

So I lay here now,
With my heart that's beating so slow.
You pushed me over the edge this time.
And I think to myself / My very last thought...

I hope your happy now.