As one

They stand as one, proud, stately, poised
Waiting for when from the surrounding noise
A silence will fall as we turn and see
What two beings together can be.
They walk, proud, graceful and strong
Flowing like water, moving as one.
No questions are asked, no answers returned
But each one knows for together they learnt
To read each other by feel alone
To listen to what their body is shown
By hand, by back, by leg and seat
By hoof, by neck, by ears and Beat
The rhythm to the ground
His trot a booming drum like sound
When they canter they seem to fly
Like clouds that glide across the sky
Then in one invisible exchange
Their whole body is rearranged
And back into that stately pace
Concentration etched on their face
They halt exactly on the final beat
No movement, or tremor, four square feet
And looking at them, it is hard to take in
Where the horse ends and the rider begins