Authors note: A poem about "dancing bears" from a bears point of view. The WSPA are doing heaps to stop the whole dancing bears thing. I fully support them.
I hope you guys like the poem!

You want us to perform,
You want us to make you laugh.
You keep us in cages,
Your turning us into entertainers!

You make us walk on burning hot coals,
It makes us "dance"
It makes you laugh.
But cant you see this is hurting us?

We aren't entertainers,
We aren't performers,
This is not natural to us!
Kept in confined spaces,
For ages and ages,
We all just want to go home!

How can we make you see,
That this cruelty,
Is hurting us so bad?
And how come you don't know or care,
That we have feelings too?
Why must you do this to us all?
Somebody save us before we fall…