Authors note: From puppies/kittens/rabbits even guinea pigs point of view. People buy puppies and other animals at Christmas or Birthdays and a lot of those animals get taken to the pound or shelters. Its not fair on them. Please dont impulse buy. I hope you all like the poem!

You buy us at Christmas,
You buy us at birthdays.
You hug us and love us,
Then send us away.
You leave us crying in the streets,
Or leave us at pounds,
Even though you've had us,
No longer than a week.
You leave us to think,
"What did we do wrong?"

The boys and girls – the whole family,
They loved us at first.
They played with us to their hearts content.

Then Christmas or the birthdays ended,
And the hugs and love lessened quite quickly.
It was then we felt the first signs of neglect.
We were pushed to the side,
To make way for new toys.

So off we all went,
To the pound or the streets,
Hoping to find a new family.

The message? Don't impulse buy!