These Tears I Weep

These tears I weep.
Are not just because of you.
They're for my heart and what it's been through.
I love you both but don't know what to do.
What you told me is such a big deal.
I trusted you my friend.
But in no way I want this to be the end.
I love you so much.
But I'm gona need a few days to adjust.
My biggest fear is you and him.
Now it's like you've given my fear ammunition.
He can't really understand how much this hurts me.
He sees it as no big deal and I should get over it.
These tears I weep are for that long lost dream.
The one where everything was fine and serene.
Trust is all I asked but that seemed to have long passed.
Maybe I'm over reacting and it's not a big deal.
But for me, this is just so un-real.
I'm hurting so much, but no way will I cut.
I promised you my friend that I wouldn't.
I will keep it no matter what till the end.

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