Fallen Hero

What if your smiles were driven away?

What if your eyes lost their glow?

What if your humor was shadowed by fear?

What if you couldn't go on due to unbearable grief?

What if you find yourself lost?

What if you can't get back on track?

What if it was because you followed the wrong path?

What if you had the wrong map?

What if you slipped off the edge?

Where would you be?

Why would you have slipped?

Slick floors?

Or someone pushing you away?

What if your heart ceased to love?

What if your compassion was stolen?

Where would you be?

Where would I be?

Could you recover?

Doesn't everyone fall at some point?

Do they all get back up?

Do some need help?

Do you need someone to lift you up?

Can I be that someone?

Would you let me rescue you?

Would you let me rescue a hero?

Don't all heroes need saving from themselves?